Album Review: Hollywood’s Bleeding

Earlier this month, Post Malone released his third album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. This album features 17 songs — some of which feature Ozzy Osbourne, SZA, Halsey and a few others. The album is far from the “in your feels” Post that we’ve seen in the past. This album has more of a “I don’t care what you’re doing, I’m gonna do me” feel. Buckle up and listen along while we take a trip through Post’s album.

The album starts out with "Hollywood’s Bleeding". This song is one of the only ones on the album that contains lyrics that could put someone in their feels. Post talks about a falling out he had with someone he had feelings with. While the verses of the songs have a strong beat, the chorus reflects the meaning of the lyrics. The chorus instrumentals are slowed down and intense.

"Saint-Tropez" is a laid-back hype song. This song is pretty much Post’s not-so-subtle subtle flex. The beat and instrumentals in this song makes it such a bop. I would not be surprised if I heard it at future kickbacks. 

The next song on the album, "Enemies", features DaBaby. This is the first song that captures the essence of the rest of the album. It’s the perfect example of how people only care about you after you become rich and famous. Post created a song that was the perfect amount of payback and hype song.

"Allergic" is the next song on the album and it brings a completely different vibe than the previous ones. It has so many styles that come together to create one of my favorite songs on the album. It combines a happy-go-lucky chorus with pops of punk rock throughout. This reflects the lyrics as well. Post talks about someone being the only one to see his bad side, but he doesn’t care since they left. 

The fifth song on the album, "A Thousand Bad Times", is also another song that epitomizes the vibe of the album. It has the “I don’t care anymore” feel to it. The beat is fast and upbeat which creates a positive outlook, like the lyrics suggest. This one is a favorite among my friends and me. 

"Circles" was released as a single before the entire album came out and at first, I wasn’t sure what I thought of it. Since then, it has grown on me quite a bit. It makes me feel nostalgic and happy. I like listening to this song on sunny days. It also has the perfect beat for walking to class.

The next one, "Die for Me", which features Future and Halsey, is one of my least favorites on the album. But, the song still follows in the footsteps of the other songs lyrics-wise. 

"On The Road" talks about relationships and friendships while on the road to fame. Post implements the same type of problems we have seen earlier in the album with a less extravagant beat and instrumental. This song also features Meek Mill and Lil Baby. 

"Take What You Want" has stirred the social media community. This song features Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott. This song has created a meme on the internet since some younger fans of Post don’t know Ozzy Osbourne, while older fans of Ozzy don’t know who Post is. The song itself itself is completely different from the rest of the album in that it has a rock and roll feel to it (which is not surprising since it features Ozzy Osbourne). This song caught me off guard, but I like that it gave Post a different sound.

The tenth song on the album, "I’m Gonna Be", is my favorite. The song has a laid-back hype vibe that I really like. The chorus pretty much gives the message to do what you want, whenever. The lyrics tell the audience to live your life how you want because life is too short to care what people think. 

The next one is also one of my favorites. "Staring At The Sun" features SZA. This song would be a perfect song to drive to with the windows down. This song exemplifies is the problem of wanting someone but they won’t give you the time of day. 

"Sunflower" is the next song on the album, which was also released earlier. This song was featured in the movie, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, and combines talents with Swae Lee. "Sunflower" has been on the radio non-stop since being released and it’s easy to understand why. It has a chill beat and easy lyrics. The song talks about someone who is loyal and the relationship that stems from that. 

Post Malone’s "Internet" hits hard with the realities of modern society. This song discusses how the internet affects people and relationships negatively. The song is very short and features one verse and one chorus. The instrumental reflects the mood of the lyrics. It’s muted and very personal. It features an orchestra and strong backing vocals that strengthen the song.

"Goodbyes" features Young Thug and was also released as a single in the lead-up to the full album. This song talks about a toxic relationship that both of them don’t want to leave, but they both know they should. The intro of the song is soft and subtle and builds to a classic hip hop beat and instrumental. The chorus hits hard with Post’s vocals while the background falls out slightly. The song is overall a bop. 

The next one, "Myself", seems to be influenced by old school music, but combines this vibe with a modern twist. The piano reflects older music and is overlaid with a modern and easygoing beat. This one is also one of my favorites. I like the overall feel of the song. 

"I Know" starts out with a seemingly dark vibe. This resolves into a chill beat that carries out throughout the rest of the song. The lyrics in this song are intense which is reflected in the instrumentals. The song talks about someone who keeps making mistakes, but expects the other person to not care. The song overall is interesting and is a slightly different take on the vibe of the rest of the album. 

The last song, "Wow.", has been out for awhile now and has been played many times. The chorus is very catchy and overall, is a subtle flex, hype song. This is one of the ultimate party songs because everyone knows it and the beat is easy to dance to. "Wow." has been one of the songs of the summer, for good reason.

My overall, honest opinion of Hollywood’s Bleeding is that I enjoy the album as a whole, with the exception of a couple songs. I’d say that this has the potential to be the album of the summer, but we’ve finally transitioned into fall. I’ve listened to this album quite a bit since it was released and I will continue to listen to it. The album is a little different than the ones Post Malone has released in the past and I like the direction it went in.