Adele's New Album is More Flawless than Her Eyeliner

Adele has been MIA in the music world ever since she released her 21 album.  That is four whole years without any Adele and that oh-so-perfect eyeliner in our lives.  The singer-songwriter released the first single from her new album, 25, on October 23.  She announced the new album just the day before the single, “Hello,” was released.  “Hello” was released as a music video that practically broke the internet.  It broke the Vevo record by reaching 27.7 million views in 24 hours, beating out previous winner Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” It also broke the record previously held by Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” for reaching 100 million views in the shortest time frame. 

The rest of the album was released on November 20th and was just as well as received as the first single. Breaking yet another record, 25 sold 3.38 million copies within the first week.  The album includes eleven tracks that will definitely hit you right in the feels. 

It mainly consists of the break-up-piano-love-ballads that Adele is famous for, but there are a few more upbeat songs as well.  With songs called “When We Were Young,” “Remedy,” and “Water Under the Bridge” it seems as though she has become a little less cynical and more grown up than four years ago. 

Adele also announced that she will be touring Europe with her new album. However, it is unclear what people do at an Adele concert.  Do we sing along? Do we cry and text our exes? That is yet to be determined.  But for only $10.99 on iTunes, you can own a copy of this new powerhouse album.  Unfortunately, Adele is not releasing the album on any streaming site.  But then again, you need to do something with all of that iTunes money. 

Good to have you back Adele!