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Activities to Get You to the Weekend

About halfway through the week, we’re all seeking relief from the sometimes mundane course schedule we drag ourselves through. Luckily, living in a place like Madison, you’ll never have to travel far to find some entertainment. 


Monday Night:

Cruising into the week from Sunday is difficult, to say the least — starting off on the right note is key for staying positive throughout the week. Fortunately, on Monday nights you can check out the 2019 Masters of Arts Exhibition. From now until March 7th graduate students get to display their latest creations to the public on the 7th floor of the Humanities Building.

Each week two artists get to take the spotlight and usually choose to express modern social issues. I find it an interesting way to keep informed and enlightened on the hot topics of today in a fun and creative way. Admission to exhibitions is free, so it won’t be putting a hole in your pocket either.


Tuesday Night:

Tuesday nights, I find that the best way to unwind is to watch movies. However, like most people, I’ve pretty much exhausted the lot of movies on Netflix and don’t care much for reruns. Besides that, I hate the process of choosing the movie, and would much rather have that part decided for me.

That’s why I find the Tuesday Night Movie Club to be the perfect solution. Each Tuesday at the Marquee Theatre in Memorial Union a new movie is screened to the public, and it’s free!  If you’re a cinephile this place is perfect for you! The event is hosted by the Wisconsin Film Festival, so you can be assured that experts are always on deck selecting the best movies for your watch list.


Wednesday Night:

On Wednesday Nights from 8-11 p.m.,  Memorial Union has a flurry of excitement that’s sure to charm any audience: Open Mic Nights. Artists from all over the Madison area come to congregate and entertain everyone that attends. I think this is something that every student should experience at least once during their time here at UW.

Swiftly moving from one act to the next, I found myself cramping in my abdomen from laughter one moment and almost moved to tears the next. Whether it’s amazingly talented UW-Madison student artists trying put their names out there or a goofy old gentleman singing about rats, open mic night definitely does not disappoint. This event also might be of special interest to someone who’s looking to expand their playlist with music that’s a bit off the grid. Each act has a completely different brand to it, but all function the same way in getting the people of the Madison community together. In this way, Memorial Union functions as a community center for the modern diverse culture within Madison. However, that is still not the best part—it’s entirely free and it’s a great way to get a group of friends together outside of the classroom to forget about the remaining work week.


Thursday Night:

Thursday nights in Madison tend to be pretty lively, however, the work week isn’t fully over yet. By this time of the week, I usually feel like I’ve glued myself to a chair and have been staring a computer screen for 20 hours straight. What better way to get up and moving than to go ice skating?

Each Thursday night the Shell has a “Late Night Skate” from 11:15 p.m.-12:45 a.m. Going with a group of your friends is a good way to get everyone up and motivated to finish up the week—even if you fall a few times. 


Congratulations!! You’ve made it to Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Sarah Kelly

Wisconsin '22

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