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Aaron Irving & Kyle Rhodes


The Cutest Cousins:

Names: Aaron Irving & Kyle Rhodes

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Year in School: Sophomores


A: Psychology
K: Accounting

Involvement on Campus:
A: Well basketball takes up a lot of time but in my free time I like to make snow angels in fact I’m interested in starting my own snow angel club.
K: I’m cofounder and public relations representative for the snow angel club. It’s that big of a deal.

Did you always know you wanted to go to the same school?
A: Of course, we’ve gone to the same schools for awhile. Now all we need is a TV show and our dreams will really come true.
K: I don’t know why this kid keeps following me. I moved all the way out to Wisconsin trying to dodge him and here he comes right behind. I’m accepting suggestions on where to move next. Quietly though!!!

Do you ever get sick of being together all the time?
A: Is Kyle going to see this? Ok, good I see him as the Robin to my Batman. But I’m Batman.
K: Did Ike Turner get sick of Tina Turner?

What’s your guilty pleasure?
A: Taking pictures of people sleeping in public places.
K: Trinidad James…I like Gold

Valentine’s day is coming up, what are your plans?
A: Ask that special someone…to make me a sandwich afterwards.
K: Kate Upton

What are the biggest differences between Wisconsin and California?
A: Weather…it sucks hardcore out here and binge drinking WHOOP
K: People drive slow out here

Theme song to your life:
A: The Fresh Prince theme song
K: Lazy Song- Bruno Mars

Aaron, how does it feel to have made the basketball team?
A: It’s a lot of fun! I’m getting to meet some awesome people. We have the most diehard fans in the greatest town you can ask for so I’m extremely happy and grateful to be a part of it.

Kyle, what do you think about Aaron making the team?
K: Super proud of him that’s my dude I saw it in him from day one.

Place you’d most likely be found on a Thursday night?
A: Your local library studying like the scholar I am. ;)
K: Hammered while Aaron’s studying. ;)

What is the most confusing thing that girls do?
A: Getting an attitude out of the blue for no reason.
K: I got ya’ll figured out.

What’s your best move to get a girls attention?
A: I can’t give away my game. But if you want to try it out please feel free to call.
K: Don’t be thirsty for the deal, wait and make them pay double.

What’s your favorite part of spring semester at Madison?
A: Mifflin and the warm weather starting to come back.
K: Anything above 40 degrees.

How does it feel to be the first campus cuties of second semester?
A: I understand why you picked me. I’m just still trying to figure out why you picked Kyle. I’m twice as sexy as him. He needs to step his game up real real soon.


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