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9 Gift Ideas for Your College Boyfriend 

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to prepare for the 2016 holiday season! I know you know what you want this year, but I also know how hard it is to pinpoint that perfect gift for your significant other. While the Internet has some great ideas out there, it can be quite overwhelming and hard to narrow down your options. Here are nine gift ideas that should hopefully inspire you this season!

1. A picture of the two of you is always a good place to start. Shutterfly has some amazing deals, and you can make unique personalized gifts out of photos of the two of you in numerous formats. A classy option is this cool glass plaque!
2. This gift is perfect for the man that likes to cook or grill. This 5-in-1 tool kit includes a spatula, a corkscrew, two bottle openers, a brush, and a fork, all in the shape of a large Swiss army knife.
3. If your significant other doesn’t already have a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, a watch, or any other gadget, a classy watch is a great gift. Nixon watches are good quality watches that aren’t too expensive.
4. Slippers are a surprisingly easy gift for boys, and they are always appreciated. It’s the kind of thing I’ve noticed college boys don’t typically have, and everyone appreciates a gift they would use but wouldn’t necessarily think to buy themselves. You can opt to buy a nice pair of slippers like UGGs as the main gift or get any kind of inexpensive slippers from places like Amazon or Target.
5. A nice shaving kit is another gift your man may not buy himself but would definitely appreciate!

6. If they don’t have a wallet they are already attached to, a nice simple brown leather wallet that will fit in their back pocket is the perfect gift!

7. Does your boyfriend travel a lot or go home for the holidays? If so, consider getting him a travel/toiletries bag. This one is similar to the slippers in the sense that you can get a nice name brand, monogram it, or keep it simple and maybe fill it up with other little gifts.

8. Speaking of filling a toiletries bag, Sephora has a great Colonge sampler that includes 12 samples with a voucher for one free, full-size cologne. This is great for the boy in your life whose version of cologne is his Old Spice deodorant that just isn’t cutting it anymore.

9. This one may be more Wisconsin specific, but I think it’s a great holiday gift. A Lazybones gift card! Lazybones is a laundry service that picks up your laundry, cleans, and delivers it back within a few days for a reasonable fee based off the weight you submit. This can be a great gift redeemable during those times in the semester that are stressful, because laundry seems to pile up just as fast as course assignments.


Ultimately, I’m sure your boyfriend will appreciate whatever you decide to get them and will love you no matter what!  

Hi! I'm a sophomore at UW-Madison studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. I'm currently obsessed with Einstein Bagel's Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee, anything/everything brunch, and Broad City.
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