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8 Top Moments from This Season of The Bachelor

Another season of The Bachelor has come to an end, which means we can reminisce all of the “dramatic” and “shocking” moments. This show is definitely everyone’s guilty pleasure, although each season produces similar plot lines that lead to similar outcomes. However, interesting moments can spice up this cookie cutter format, and this season proved there are some of them that are worth talking about. Here are some highlights, positive and negative, from this past season!


1. Annaliese’s fears

This one was a while back, but there was literally a traumatic backstory for every date she went on. Was it mere coincidence or did the producers know? I’m going to go with the latter. This collection of clips was just so extra — no one but the producers of The Bachelor could pull it off.


2. Bekah M. was missing

Ok, so this wasn’t exactly on the show, but the news was released during the airing of the show — I’m gonna count it. This story was so confusing yet hilarious. Bekah’s mom was just trying to do the right thing; she was concerned — and rightfully so. But, many memes and Tweets ensued — even from Bekah herself.


3. Kendall confronts Krystal

This was one of my favorite moments — not for drama, but because of the lack of drama and maturity. Krystal was trying to incite Kendall by talking to Arie about her behind her back. Instead of getting into a yelling match, though, Kendall decided to calmly express her feelings to Krystal. It’s great to see moments of compassion when this show is all about competition among girls!


4. The bowling date


Krystal’s reaction and behavior after this date is Bachelor gold. In a mostly dull season, this date added an extra bit of drama. Of course, she had a right to be annoyed about Arie going against his word (foreshadowing later events perhaps?), but her reaction and tantrum were childish. This ultimately created a turning point in her and Arie’s relationship that sent her packing the next week in Paris. Byeeeee.


5. Literally just Krystal’s voice


Krystal’s voice was so infamous that it deserves its own category; I was confused when Arie called her voice soothing in the first episode. And, for some reason, the girls always allowed her to give the same toast that always seemed to mention the word “journey.” Her voice was almost an unexplainable phenomenon like no other.


6. Becca K.’s ex shows up

So somehow Becca K.’s ex showed up in Peru and talked to Arie and Becca. Since we all knew an ex would show up, it wasn’t necessarily a shocking moment; but we never knew it was going to be Becca K.’s ex. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only hurdle Becca K. had to deal with — she should’ve just got back together with the ex.


7. Arie said “I Love You” to more than one girl

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen, and it obviously doesn’t ever end well. Saying “I love you” is a big deal in a relationship, especially in the limited time frame they have. And saying it to multiple women — just to break up with them later — is just so heartbreaking for the contestants. Yes, they do know what they signed up for, but the word “love” is no joke — not just for The Bachelor, but regular relationships as well.


8. Arie Picks Becca K., but then changes his mind  

This was just…the worst! This happen two months after the proposal, and the way Arie communicated his feelings towards Becca K. was rude and disrespectful. A proposal is a big decision, so it’s important to remember you’re playing with another person’s emotions as well. The conversation was cringy and emotionally difficult to watch. We want to see a happily ever after!


Overall, the season started out bland but took a shocking turn — not necessarily for the better, though. Although we all had little hopes for the season, we still got moments that made us laugh or gasp in shock. Luckily, we don’t have to wait long for a new season of The Bachelorette!

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