8 Timeless Party Songs

Looking for some party classics to add to your next playlist or to request at the bar? Here are some old sing-along songs that still feels sleeky new:


1. Ignition (Remix)

R.Kelly may have come out in 2002, but this sensual song remains a crowd favorite at parties and bars alike. Trust me, everyone knows the words, and everyone will sing along.


2. All I Want for Christmas Is You

This song is timeless not only because it came out in 1994, but also because it doesn't matter what season you play this song. People will still be belting their hearts out and dancing to this song in the middle of July as they would on December 25.


3. Build Me Up Buttercup

This song isn’t just for Camp Randall and game days! Playing this 1968 classic will definitely get the party going.


4. Mr. Brightside

Didn’t everyone have an angsty middle school phase? The Killers released this song in 2003, but it still channels your inner angst despite being an all-time party banger.


5. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

What better song to celebrate you and your single friends than Beyoncé’s 2008 hit? Even if you don’t know the dance from the music video, I guarantee everyone’s hands will go up when Beyoncé tells you to.


6. Low

As yet another 2008 hit, this song holds some fond memories of people dancing in your middle school gym— even if you didn’t know what all the lyrics meant then. Need I say more?


7. Party in the USA


Another middle school favorite! Bonus points if it’s a USA themed party.


8. Jump Around

This list wouldn't be complete without one of the most iconic songs in Wisconsin’s history. It’ll feel like game day every day when this 1992 song comes on.


Despite its age, these songs have become timeless classics and are crowd favorites. Add these songs to your next party playlist—they will definitely be hit!