8 Easy Breezy Makeup Tips for the Lazy Gal

At the beginning of every semester, I always tell myself I’m not going to be lazy, and I’m actually going to take my time in the morning. Unfortunately, that promise only lasts about two weeks and then I’m back to my typical habits of sweatpants and high buns. Because I know I’ll never escape my level of laziness, I’ve found a way to achieve the perfect everyday makeup look in eight simple steps. Achieving this look takes around 10 minutes so you can hit the snooze button as much as you need! After all, you can’t strive for beauty without beauty-rest. Putting your “face” on the morning is a long and tedious process, especially if you’re not a makeup guru. So who wouldn’t want to make their makeup routine shorter and easier while still creating a naturally glowing look? What’s also great about these makeup tips is that they’re super simple, so you can follow along with any level of makeup experience. Here are the eight easy makeup tips organized step by step! 


Step 1: Conceal All Under the Eyes and Any Blemishes

An easy way to cut time out of your makeup routine is to skip foundation. Instead, go right to concealer and put it under your eyes in a large, filled-triangle shape. That way, you can still eliminate dark circles. Adding foundation will only increase time and not add anything completely necessary to a natural day look. Also, if you struggle with the occasional blemish, like me, make sure you cover those areas with concealer as well. That’s what it’s for after all! 


Step 2: Bronze the Side of Your Face with an “E” Shape 

If you want to avoid the time spent on endless contouring and blending, then just stick to some bronzer. Bronzer is a great way to add some depth without crazy contour skills. Take some powdered bronzer and brush it along the side of your face in an “E” shape. It will make your face look less washed out, and it won’t look like you spent the whole night studying in the library. This step might sound complicated, but as long as you follow the shape then it won’t take long at all. 


Step 3: Add Some Blush for a Pop of Color

Blush is a must for any makeup routine, and it takes less than a minute. Adding a pop of color brightens up your face and gives the illusion that you’re ready for the day. There is no reason to skip this step. Just take your go-to blush, smile and swipe across each cheek. But, regardless of the color you use, remember to not use too much. 


Step 4: Use a Brow Gel 

Throughout practicing my makeup routine, I’ve realized that a perfect set of eyebrows can really make a difference and definitely make you look like you spent more time on your makeup than you really did. However, none of us have time to get the stylish eyebrows we desire if it will make us late to class. Instead, get a brow gel to achieve the perfect enhanced brow shape. You can get either a colored or clear gel depending on personal preference. This is definitely a tip that saves me the most time in my morning routine. Brows are tricky and can take forever, so a gel will give the same results in way less time!  


Step 5: Use an Eyeshadow Stick All Over the Lid 

Blending is always a long process, whether it be for your face or eyes. If you want to get the right color and look, then you’re going to be spending a long time blending traditional powder eyeshadows. Instead, opt for an eyeshadow stick. The creamy formula makes the color pop more on your lid. And the best part, all you need to do is place the color on and quickly blend in. Options can range from metallic to matte colors and work for a day or night look. And if you want a naturally simple day look, this is the way to go. Ever since I realized the impact eyeshadow sticks have, I’ve now collected an abundance of different shades. What’s also so great is that this is a perfect eyeshadow option for beginner makeup users. 


Step 6 (Optional): A Quick Swipe of Brown Eyeliner 

So some of us are not the best with eyeliner. One wrong move can mess up the whole look that you’ve been perfecting for so long. Because I’m always running late, I used to skip this step in fear that I’d have to whip out the makeup wipes, but now that I use brown eyeliner, I always have time for an extra pop for my eyes. Brown eyeliner is the perfect item for a day look, and since it’s a subtle, neutral color, you can’t mess it up! It will just end up blending into your eyeshadow so all mistakes will go unnoticed. My only warning is trying not to add a wing because it’s risky and timely. 


Step 7: Add a Layer of Mascara on the Eyelashes 

You definitely cannot forget mascara! Mascara brightens up your eyes and makes them look wide awake. Take any mascara that works for you and add it like you normally do. There aren’t many hacks to this step — just don’t forget about it! Be cautious at this step too because there’s nothing worse than getting mascara on your eyelid or cheek! 


Step 8: Complete the Look with Your Favorite Lip Balm 

Finally, to finish the whole, add a favorite lip balm. A simple shine adds color and enhances your natural lips. It only takes a second and a completed look should include an unchapped lip. If you forget this step or don’t have enough time, just take your lip balm on the go in your backpack.


If you get the chance to wake up later, then take it! It’s a struggle to have to stay up all night studying then expect to look like a functioning human being the next day. I thought that in order to do this I’d need to get up extra early, but in reality, that’s not true. There are plenty of shortcuts you can take that still make you look ready to conquer the day but in less time. These tips are so easy that anyone can follow along. Makeup can enhance your natural beauty instead of hiding what you have. By stripping down the process to the bare essentials, these lazy gal hacks focus on what’s going to make you look wide awake, glowing and confident.