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8 Conspiracy Theories You Need to Know About Right Now

Watching National Treasure recently really got me thinking about some of my favorite conspiracies — and the inevitable black hole it sucks you into! Here are some of the conspiracy theories that you need to know. Time to get educated, kids!


1. The Moon Landing Was a Hoax

Many people believe that the government faked the moon landing; they believe that it’s all filmed on a soundstage to prove to Americans and the world that President John F. Kennedy was capable of fulfilling his promise of getting a man on the moon before 1970. NASA rebuts this theory and says that they have photos, videos and samples of soil and rock from the moon. Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA could’ve constructed those evidence; they point out that starts are missing from in the moon landing video, and that the flag seems to be blowing in the wind (remember there’s no wind on the moon). I’ve always heard that our phones hold more computing power than any of the computers they used during the landing … just saying. By the way, there might also be a secret base on the dark side of the moon.


2. Avril Lavigne is DEAD

This theory began circulating in 2012 and, I have to say, there’s a significant amount of evidence. Lavigne was 18 years old when she released her first album in 2002; she suddenly became famous after living a ‘normal’ life. Fearing publicity, she hired Melissa Vandella to be her look-alike to walk around LA and pose for paparazzi. The two became friends, and Lavigne taught Vandella how to sing. While working on her next album in 2003, Avril’s grandfather passed away and it reportedly pushed her over the edge. Avril became severely depressed and eventually resorted to suicide. Her record company didn’t want to stop profiting from Lavigne, who was at the peak of her career, so they used her look-alike Vandella instead. Theorists have pointed out that “Avril” had a new look and style when she released her album, Best Damn Thing. Her birthmarks were gone, and she now had the same tattoo that Melissa had.


3. Bush Did 9/11

There are quite a few different theories based on 9/11; there’s even a 9/11 Truth Movement. A lot of these theories point to the idea that 9/11 was staged and orchestrated; as the saying goes, jet fuel just can’t melt steel beams. This theory comes from the 2005 documentary, Loose Change 9/11, which claims the burning fires would not have been hot enough to compromise its structural integrity. I give this documentary a lot of credit for fueling the rest of the theories about 9/11. One of the biggest reasons that people think that 9/11 was staged owes to the fact that the CIA, NSA, etc. were all losing funding around the time of the tragedy — only to regain them right after 9/11. Behind it all was allegedly the Bush administration, which was losing the nation’s support; an attack like 9/11 would give the Bush administration a way to regain support; it also lend itself to a pretext for war in the Middle East. Did Bush stage 9/11 to justify war and gain approval? You tell me!


4. Obama’s Shadow Government

I have to admit, I can really get behind this one — and Hillary Clinton might be involved.

Rep. Mike Kelly, R- Pa., said President Barack Obama’s decision to remain in Washington, D.C. after his term wasn’t only to allow his daughter Sasha to graduate from her high school, but also “for one purpose and on purpose only and that is to run a shadow government.” This deep state government is referred to by some as “the Swamp,” and they supposedly have their own Air Force, Navy, fundraising, etc. This theory has to be one of the hardest to find information on — but maybe that’s what they want. Basically, this shadow government allegedly tries to further the Obama administration’s agenda to undermine the current Trump administration.  


5. Malaysian Airline Voicemail

Many conspiracies are based on the same single event or belief — this one is no different. This particular theory started on Twitter when @HOMOC1DE, also known as Ty, tweeted that he had received a bizarre voicemail in military code (NATO phonetic alphabet), which he needed help with translating. It translated to “danger sos it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human 043933964230 sos danger sos.” Another Twitter user then discovered that the apparent random array of numbers are actually coordinates that lead to two locations: one in Africa and one near Malaysia, very close to where the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 vanished. Ty begins to receive strange messages from unknown Twitter users in both morse code and Indonesian, warning him to take down the post that he shared. Ty also shared he that he had witnessed someone driving pass his house taking pictures a few days before his post. The plot continued to thicken as other Twitter users started to suggest that the message was sent from the black box; they said that Ty had received the voicemail after a solar flare event that happened around the time that he received the voicemail. People even began to link this event to Stephen Hawking’s death; some also claim that an alien invasion is going to happen on April 18.


6. The Reptilian Elite

Some people believe that there are shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids living among us. Not only are these creatures blood-drinking and flesh-eating, they are our leaders: corporate executives and even our favorite actors and actress and singers. They are allegedly responsible for different bombings and attacks throughout history. So where did they even come from? There are two theories: one, they evolved here on Earth and returned to Earth after they mastered space travel; two, they’re from a planet somewhere in the Draco constellations. Either way, rumor has it that they’ve hidden themselves among us. Some even believe they interbreed with humans to alter our DNA, which makes us easier to control… our brains do share some qualities with reptilian brains. Some reptilian people may not be aware that they’re part reptilian, and they’re controlled to push forward an agenda known as the “New World Order.” This conspiracy gets more complex the more you look into it, so I definitely recommend doing your own research. If you really feel like learning more, you’re supposed to you see reptilian humans shift between human and reptilian forms when you watch TV in slow motion?


7. The Illuminati

The Illuminati is often linked to the “New World Order,” an allegedly emerging secret organization with a globalist agenda looking to achieve world domination. The name Illuminati translates to the “enlightened ones” in Latin. It’s believed that they are based on another secret society, the Freemasons, and was formed in 1776 by a Bavarian man named Adam Weishaupt. The original Illuminati believed in fighting superstition, government power and religious organization; they even had a strong belief in gender equality. I’m thinking I could really get behind their movement if I’m not already a member. Many celebrities and high-level government officials are allegedly members. Check out their official website to learn about the many layers of the Illuminati conspiracy; they even have a TV commercial.


8. The Government is Watching Us

Okay, so we all know that one meme. But basically, the government is watching and monitoring us through all our devices. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I get the weird feeling that someone is watching me… or maybe I’ve just bought into this conspiracy just a little too much — fine, I know I’ve bought in all the way. Whenever I do something kinda weird, I always stare into my camera to let that government agent on the other side know that I know they’re watching me. Even FBI Director James Comey revealed that he covers his webcam to protect himself from invading eyes; there are also more proofs to back up the idea that this conspiracy may actually be more than just a conspiracy. I never read lengthy terms of service agreements that pop up when I sign up for services, so I don’t doubt that I’ve unknowingly signed over all of my privacy to the government or some other third party group, possibly the Illuminati! All I’m saying is this: how many times have you been talking about something — maybe a new mascara — and the next thing you know, you’re looking at an Instagram ad for exactly what you were talking about. Just saying.


I hope you feel enlightened; and for now, I’m signing off. Here’s to hoping the government, Illuminati or reptilian people do not come for me for exposing the holes.

Ali is a freshmen at UW Madison majoring in Fashion Design and International Studies trying to pursue her dreams of one day owning her own company. 
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