7 Youtubers that Actually Taught Me How to Do Makeup

I love makeup. I love all the options you have when picking a look, products and colors. Makeup gives you the ability to transform yourself into anything that you can imagine, but makeup application is hard. It is not easy to find the right products and more often than not, your eyelid turns into an abstract painting rather than a smokey eye with winged eyeliner. If makeup troubles are holding you back, here are seven makeup YouTubers that improved my makeup skills and hopefully yours too. 

  1. 1. Michelle Phan 

    Michelle Phan is the OG of OG beauty YouTubers. It was her channel that opened the gate of beauty to me. Michelle’s videos do an excellent job of sharing the products that she uses along with in depth steps. It was Michelle that taught me how to use eyeliner and fill in my brows. For anyone who is new to the beauty world, check out Michelle’s videos now!

  2. 2. Zoella

    Zoella (real name Zoe Sugg) is another beauty YouTuber I watched from the very beginning. Zoella’s bright and charming personality make her videos exciting and comforting to watch. Zoella shares doable and simple makeup looks that even the most beginner of beginners can master, not to mention I have always loved her Favorite Products of the Month videos!

  3. 3. Bella Fiori

    Bella Fiori is an Australian YouTuber who has some amazing makeup looks that are always very glam and very sleek. Her videos are always fun to watch as she chats about her life while getting ready. I always turn to her channel for looks to try at dances or a night out. Recently, Bella has taken to making true crime videos as well, so if you are a makeup and crime junkie like me then this is a real win win! 

  4. 4. Gina Shkeda 

    All I can say is a e s t h e t i c. I absolutely love Gina’s channel and all of her videos. This Russian YouTuber has never failed to create super beautiful videos that are far from complicated and perfect for any mood, soft, clean and fresh, or sexy.

  5. 5. Hindash

    Hindash does a great job of creating inclusive looks for everyone. Hindash’s videos are also super great because he is applying the makeup on to the model, so you can get an even closer look into each of the steps. Look no farther than Hindash to master glowing skin and sculpted cheekbones!

  6. 6. Jackie Aina

    Talk about inclusivity, creativity, and all around real wokness! Jackie Aina is one of my favorite beauty gurus and overall just one of my favorite YouTubers. While Jackie’s looks can sometimes be a little too extreme for me, she has amazing videos on how to flawlessly apply foundation, how to contour and highlight, and how to not have your concealer crease under your eyes. Jackie keeps her videos real and her personality is just infectious, making you want to watch more!

  7. 7. Amy Serrano 

    Amy Serrano is my all time favorite YouTubers. She has amazing videos featuring makeup, fashion and skin care. Amy’s makeup looks are never too complicated, but always on trend. One of my favorite things Amy does is recreations of celebs makeup in away that seems way more doable and with a ton of more affordable products too! If you need any tips beauty or fashion check Amy out, she really is the best!!

Hopefully this list of YouTubers helps anyone who’s new to the makeup scene, in need of some inspiration, or just another makeup fanatic like myself! From now on, only flawless foundation, shiny highlight, and even winged liner!