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7 Tips for Throwing a Grade A Pregame

Throwing an awesome pregame is not an easy task — it's just not as simple as it seems. Since it takes a decent amount of planning, here are some simple tips to make sure your next pregame is legendary!


1. Create a hype playlist and invest in LOUD speakers.

This will set the mood and get the crowd hyped!


2. Crowd the space.

Make sure you have enough people to create a “mosh pit effect.”


3. Make fun mixed drinks.

Get creative and make Jell-O-Shots, sangria, punch bowls and more!


4. Provide some light snacks.

Chips and pretzels are always fitting!


5. Invest in a disco ball/speakers with lights to set the mood.

Lights can turn a pregame into a party— once again, it's setting the party mood!


6. Create elevated surfaces, and move furniture to the outskirts of the room for ample dancing space.

With the loud music and party lights, you are going to NEED a dance floor.


7. Lastly, invite a fire squad.

Your squad is everything.


With this combo of music, lights, food, drinks and dancing, your pregame will probably beat the party or bar you are heading to next! Is that necessarily a bad thing? I don’t think so.

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