7 Things to do for a Study Break

Midterm week is coming up, and the deadlines for all of our papers and projects are looming over us. It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are busy cramming for all of your classes. We all have tendencies to neglect our mental and physical health and focus only on school work. Here are some fun and easy things to do when you’re in desperate need of a study break!

1. EAT! One of the most important things to do when you are stuDYING is to remember to eat! Eating gives you the energy to keep pushing through loads of homework you may have. If you start to hear your stomach growling at you, put your homework down and grab a bite. Stuff your face with a granola bar, smoothie or a three-course meal! You deserve it!!

2. Work out Exercise gets our blood pumping and makes us feel more awake. If you’ve been cramming for a couple hours and can literally feel the indentation your butt has been making in your desk chair, get up off of it and move around! Go for a quick run, do some jumping jacks or even do some at-home-abs. Any type of movement will help you feel more awake and ready to take on whatever you have left to do!

3. Watch a fun video! Sometimes you need to rest your eyes after staring at a textbook page for a couple of hours. Taking out your phone and swiping mindlessly for a couple minutes can get boring and could even make you more tired. Instead, try finding funny or cute videos that will brighten your mood! For example, try this wholesome video of a sloth getting a bath… it’s sure to make you smile and will give you enough energy and happiness to continue studying!      

4. Dance party for one One of the easiest (and most fun!) things to do for a study break is to have a mini dance party. Don’t be afraid to close the door, plug in and pump your most upbeat music! If you don’t feel like working out, dancing is an easy way of getting your blood pumping and getting re-energized. Get up, and take a few minutes to dance it out to classics such as Hannah Montana’s “Rockstar!”   

5. Nap

Studying can take a lot out of you, and sometimes you feel like you just need to SLEEP! That’s totally valid and understandable. Take some time for yourself and curl up in bed. In order to wake up feeling refreshed, try going for the (NASA approved!) quick 20-30 minute cat nap. This allows you to avoid the type of nap where you wake up the groggiest you’ve ever felt and wondered what year it is. If you have time for a longer nap, plan alarms according to your sleep cycles. A normal sleep cycle is about 90 minutes and allows you to even go into REM sleep. Either option should do the trick, just plan your time accordingly!

6. Call your mom Moms always know exactly what to say and when to say it. If you’re ever down and in need of a study break, try calling your mom (or someone else who’s close to you). It’s always nice to talk to someone, especially if you’re feeling stressed. So, pick up that phone, and call your mom! She would probably love to hear from you (and you may even get a care package out of it).

7. Pet Some Dogs Many campuses have dogs come to campus during exam weeks. The dogs are always super cuddly and excited to be given the attention. Spending time with an adorable dog-on-call is almost 100% guaranteed to lower your stress levels. Keep an eye out for when these sweet dogs come to campus, and make some time to see them! 

Exam week is tough! While it’s super important to do your work and study hard, you and your brain will need a break. When you do take a breather, try out one of these ideas!