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7 Reasons Why Pre-Games Are Better Than Parties

Have you ever pondered to yourself why you tend to have significantly more fun at the pre-games than the actual party itself? Ever wonder if you’re the only one who’d rather spend your entire night at spot #1 than actually arrive at the intended destination? You’re not alone and there are plenty of reasons why…

1. You probably know a majority of the people at the pre-game so you’re not like…

2. The music is 10740328 times better.

3. A smaller crowd means less people to interact with.

4. The initial buzz is much more satisfying than that black-out drunk buzz.

5. There’s usually food.

6. You and your friends can show off your choreographed dance numbers.

7. There’s a smaller chance you’ll embarrass yourself to the point of no return.

If the pre-game is your form of all-out partying, do you. Drink, dance, mingle, go home.

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