7 Lessons Elle Woods Taught Us About Self-Love

Elle Woods is the perfect role model for those of us who need to remind ourselves of the importance of self-love this Valentine's Day. While the world seems to be caught up in a frenzy of love, don’t forget the first person you need to love: yourself! These seven tips are simple ways to practice self-love, brought to you by the uber-confident Harvard Law School queen herself.


1. Exercise.

Elle was right; exercise is a total mood-booster. Whether you’re a yoga junkie or treadmill fiend, getting active can help you relieve stress, sleep better and improve your mental health. And of course, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.


2. Celebrate your accomplishments!

Whether it be a promotion at work, a successful presentation in class, or a 179 on your LSAT, you deserve to recognize your achievements! Remember how far you’ve come, and hold yourself to a standard of progress, not of perfection. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.


3. Spend time with a furry friend.

Many studies show that spending time with pets is a powerful form of stress relief because it releases feel-good endorphins. If your four-legged companion is back home, go to a local humane society or attend Dogs On Call events on campus.


4. Ditch relationships that don’t support your goals.

Imagine if Elle had believed Warner when he said she wasn’t cut out for law school! We all have goals, and some people in your life may be more supportive of them than others. One of the greatest acts of self-love is removing yourself from people who are holding you back from your dreams.


5. Get your girls.

Remember the ones who make you laugh harder than anyone else? The ones who are there for you through the best and worst times? Yes, get them together for a girl’s night. Wine is optional, but sweatpants are required. Maybe even watch Legally Blonde while you’re at it.


6. Pamper yourself.

Whether you visit a spa or DIY it, treat yourself to some quiet time with a facial or hair mask.


7. And finally...  

This one speaks for itself. Elle may have shared this mantra at her graduation from Harvard Law School, but it really holds true for everything you do — big and small.


True, genuine self-love isn’t about buying yourself expensive things or bragging to your Instagram followers. Self-love isn’t selfish at all; it’s giving yourself the same respect, forgiveness and compassion you would give a best friend. In the spirit of Elle Woods, make it a goal this Valentine’s Day to love yourself as much as you love those around you.