7 Foolproof Tips to Get a Date Before Christmas

We've all been there: it's the end of the semester, you're swamped with finals, you can barely find a clean pair of socks, let alone worry about looking cute. But the semester is winding down, and winter break is getting closer with each assignment you check off the list. 'Tis the finals season. While you may be ecstatic about the thought of having a straight month to binge watch shows on Netflix and not have to worry about writing papers, you realize that you have limited time to make a move on that cutie from class.

No fear, Her Campus is here. You might think, wait, I have to make the first move? Don't worry, girl. With these tips, he will be running after you in the airport (or on your way to the Megabus) just like that cute little kid in Love Actually ran after his crush Joanna.

1. Send him vibes that you are single and ready to mingle.Guys are always saying that women are so hard to read. So, make sure you make it as obvious as possible.

2. Buy him a Christmas gift.You know in movies when people will act like they are not going to get each other gifts, but then they secretly both end up getting each other a gift anyway? By that logic, he's probably getting you a gift. So, you wouldn't want to look dumb by not having a gift for him, as well.

3. Play "All I Want for Christmas is You" on the jukebox every time you see him at the bar. (For extra points: sing it at a karaoke bar, and make sure to dedicate it to him.)

4. Plan out a really elaborate date filled with Christmas activities for the two of you before break. The more activities the better. 

5. Give him the flirty eyes. 
Guys like it when you can't take your eyes off of them. Don't be afraid to throw in a couple of winks here and there. 

6. Ask him to study for finals with you. But don't actually study. Instead, just write him poems that confess your love for him. He'll think it's really romantic. 

7. Invite him to a holiday party. Make sure to let him know that you'll be waiting under the mistletoe for him. 

If these tips don't work for you, just know that there's someone better out there that will appreciate your attempts next Christmas.*

Just make sure that you make a New Year's Resolution to find this person, so that you will be sure to meet your soulmate in 2017.*Full disclosure: these tips have not actually been tested or vetted by any members of Her Campus. Proceed at your own risk.