7 Fall Candles You Didn't Know You Needed

I have a love-hate relationship with Bath and Body Works. When I walk by the store, a wave of floral, tropical, clean linen—and every scent in-between—hits me like a brick wall. As I debate crossing to the other side of the mall to avoid the almost nauseating wave of scents, however, I am inevitably sucked in by the White Barn Candles. Most of the White Barn Candles work for any season, but the seasonal fall candles are my personal favorite. Here is a list of the seven best White Barn Candles for those cozy fall days:


1. Leaves

I found the perfect fall candle thanks to my sophomore year roommate— she burned this candle constantly (and I mean constantly). The Leaves candle smells like everything there is to love about fall. In the words of my roommate, Laura, “It smells like my mom’s home-baked apple pie or snuggling up in a blanket with some warm apple cider.” What could be a better representation of fall?

2. Mahogany Teakwood & 3. Flannel

Don’t get me wrong, I love candles—but I’m not the kind of "candle enthusiast" who can notice subtle differences between scents. As a layperson candle lover, these two candles smell exactly the same. Despite their similarity, these two are some of my favorite scents. According to the description on Amazon.com, they smell like "bergamot, polished mahogany and a veil of soft musk"— or for the novice candle lovers, the best men’s cologne.

4. Black Cherry Merlot

Who doesn't love a good merlot? Sure, it's semi-frowned upon to walk around smelling like wine all of the time; but if it's a candle, it doesn't count, right? With subtle hints of wine coupled with the scents of fruity cherries, this candle is perfect for when you want to feel sophisticated. Although, if we’re being honest, we’re probably burning it while drinking our glass—or glasses, or boxes—of Franzia.

5. Marshmallow Fireside

Fall doesn’t have to mean the end of s’mores and summer bonfires. While it may be too cold to actually go outside and sit around the fire, this candle will bring you back to the smells of campfire and sweet, gooey marshmallows that we all love so much. I’m pretty sure you’re required to pull out your marshmallows to make some stove-top s’mores while burning this candle.

6. Pumpkin Apple

This is Thanksgiving in the form of a candle. If you ever need your apartment to smell like a freshly baked pumpkin pie or apple pie, this candle is perfect for you. You could also treat yourself and eat apple pie or (and?) pumpkin pie while burning the candle.

7. Fresh Balsam

Now, I know this is technically a winter candle; but sometimes my Christmas spirit comes a little early. Since this candle straight up smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree, I can almost picture myself all bundled up trudging through the snow trying to pick out the perfect tree.


Fall means the start of sweater, latte and candle season. There’s a perfect scent for all of your favorite parts of fall; from apple pie to fall flannels, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.