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6 Ways to Avoid Unwarranted Questions During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to reunite over mouth-watering real food (R.I.P. ramen). However, with good food comes obligatory conversation. We all know our relatives will start asking important questions — that no one knows the answer to — at the dinner table. Let’s prepare for those dreaded moments this year so we don’t end up in an Eric Forman situation.  


1. Answer the question with another question.


Question: “What’s your major?”

Answer:  “What’s for dinner?”


2.  Answer the question with the same question.

Question: “Do you have a boyfriend yet?”

Answer: “Do YOU have a boyfriend yet?”


3. Change the subject.

Question: “How are your classes going?”

Answer: “This pumpkin pie is amazing. Did you make it yourself? Wow, so good.”


4. Pretend you have an important call.

You can’t really use this one if your cell phone gets confiscated, so make sure you don’t waste it.


5. Select your seating wisely.

Don’t sit by Grandma Carol. Never sit by Grandma Carol. Too many questions, not enough time.


6. Sleep through dinner.

I know, I know; but desperate times call for desperate measures. There will always be leftovers — I promise.  


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, not answers. Plus, we’ll need to rest our brains so we can calculate Black Friday discounts. Let us stick to traditions this year and stay focused on eating our pumpkin pie in peace.


Raven is a junior at UW-Madison majoring in Retailing and Consumer Behavior with certificates in Digital Studies and Entrepreneurship. She will be studying abroad at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia the Spring Semester of 2019.Until then, you can find her at any cafe within a two mile radius of UW-Madison watching The Office/ googling photos of Labrador Retriever puppies with a coffee in hand (unless it's monday night because that's reserved for the Bachelor).
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