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6 TikTokers For Cooking Inspiration

TikTok: the new and improved cookbook!

We all know cookbooks, then Pinterest and now TikTok to get our new and favorite recipes. In this new digital era of short clips and videos, TikTok has become the perfect platform to share and post fun recipes. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite TikTokers to check out next time you are in a recipe rut.


Violet.Cooks is one of my favorite TikTokers to get fast, easy recipes. She was born and raised on a commune and has a ton of healthy, fresh recipes including fun salad recipes. What is so great about Violet.Cooks is how she is a college student too; one that cooks a lot better than me, but still a college student. She takes classic recipes and spins them into something fun and enjoyable to eat.


Newt was one of the first foodie TikTokers I became obsessed with. He is really funny and always trying new recipes. While his content is not fully food dedicated, a vast majority is. Newt’s recipes range from classic staples to delicious fried treats and everything in between. His sweet and fun demeanor makes him the perfect TikTok boyfriend that can teach you how to cook. 


If there was a personal chef I would want as my own, it would have to be Justine_Snacks. She is the epitome of class, elegance and everything beautiful with food. Everything is so beautiful from her sweet treats to toasts. What makes Justine_Snacks so fun to watch is just how diverse her content is and while it might be a bit more advanced than a traditional college recipe, it does not mean that it is not possible!


Nutrientmatters is one of my favorite TikTokers when it comes to finding delicious recipes that are either creative, basic or both!  She has some wonderful chicken recipes as she also puts creative twists on classics. With 17 million likes on TikTok, you know that she has some pretty delicious recipes!


A young woman, delicious food and great content, what more could you ask for! Basicwithbri is exactly that, basic foods that are actually delicious. Not only does she have recipes from scratch but recipes with everyday goods from Traders Joes (which I know we all love). She is the perfect go-to for anything delicious!


Moribyan is everything I want to be, a perfect food blogger! Now I saved her for last because every one of her recipes looks PERFECT. Now the only caveat is they may not be the easiest, most college-friendly recipes. However, her perfect TikToks just might make me go the extra mile for a very extra meal! 

Hopefully, these amazing TikTokers and their even more amazing recipes will be inspiring for you to whip up a delicious meal or two and maybe save you from that frozen meal in the back of your freezer (no hate on freezer meals)! TikTok is just the new and even more perfect recipe book!

Claire Michel

Wisconsin '23

Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm Claire, a sophomore studying Life Science Communications and Italian. I love my city Minneapolis, cooking (mostly eating), being with friends, and finding the best deals on clothes!
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