6 Reasons I Love Grubhub

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Grubhub is the number one mobile food ordering app; it allows you to find food near you by simply typing in your address. Then, you can either request that the company deliver your food straight to you, or pick it up in store.

Don’t want to give up your precious table at the library during finals week (or really, any weeknight)? Order from Grubhub. This is just one of the few reasons I love the app; there's more to it...


1. The Fast Delivery

If you thought freaky fast delivery only applied to Jimmy John's, you were wrong. Grubhub is time efficient when it comes to delivery — perfect for the busy college student. 


2. The Food Options

Sushi Express, Ian’s Pizza, Wings Over Madison — need I say more? Grubhub offers a wide range of food options; they feature even restaurants I have never heard of! Thank you Grubhub, for making it easy to try new things!


3. The Amazing Delivery People

For some reason, my delivery people always have a smile on their face when they deliver my food. I often request them to come up six floors to deliver it straight to my apartment door; while most food delivery companies are unlikely to fulfill my request, Grubhub employees always seem to do so. 


4. Reasonable Prices

Other than a small delivery fee, the prices mirror exactly what you pay in store. If it's a rainy Wednesday night, do you really want to trek across town to Buffalo Wild Wings? Skip the walk and have your food come straight to you.


5. The Deals

Grubhub deals are always coming in; right now, they're offering seven dollars off your first order. That's basically a whole meal! There's also a feature on the site that allow you to look for free delivery options, coupons, new restaurants and more. Now, you can even track your food! Who doesn’t love to check in on how long their food is going to take before it comes to the table?


6. The Ease

After all is said and done, you can choose to reorder your whole meal on a different day — in seconds, with a quick tap on the phone. Is it your personal tradition to order in sushi every Tuesday? Thanks to Grubhub, there won't be any more tedious reorder process. Go to recent orders, and click order again; viola, there's your perfectly tailored meal!


Grubhub is a lifesaving app for busy college kids, especially those who barely know how to cook. Take advantage and order your next meal through Grubhub. You won’t regret it!