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5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Social Media

Social media can get really toxic at times, especially with the topic of body image. Beautiful girls will post a photo of themselves that is photoshopped, edited or just in an unnatural position that makes them look different than what their bodies actually look like. Although these girls may be feeling good about themselves, it causes other girls to be self-conscious about their appearance, giving them unrealistic body image issues. I definitely can say that I have fallen into the habit of comparing myself to other girls on social media, causing me to feel bad about myself. But over the past few years, I have found a couple ways that have helped me ignore these unrealistic bodies and instead focus on myself and my own self love.

Turning off social media the second I catch myself comparing

As soon as you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone else’s body, life, etc, instantly exit out of the app. Do not let yourself fall for the unrealistic body standards. Get rid of your negative thoughts and focus on your self love.

Complimenting myself everytime I post

I have definitely found myself worrying what people will think of me if I post a certain picture. I promise you that you are definitely overthinking and you look amazing in whatever photo you want to post. You just have to feel confident in yourself and post what makes you happy!

Following people who also show their bad days

If influencers, celebrities or other girls are the reason for any body insecurities, then unfollow them! It is as simple as that. There are plenty of other people out there that you can follow that post only what makes them happy. Following people who do not care what their followers think will not only help with your insecurities, but also give you a great example to follow.

Setting a daily scroll limit

It is easy to get trapped in a mindless scroll on social media feed pages. Sometimes that is okay, but when you are mindlessly scrolling you are bound to see a post of a pretty girl, someone on vacation or anything else that causes you to compare yourself to others. Setting a daily scroll limit will give you a break from negative thoughts and social media toxicity.

Reminding myself everything is a highlight

Everyone has bad days and insecurities. Most things posted on social media only show the good things that happen in a person’s life. If you start to feel sad from certain social media posts, just remember that their life is not always perfect like social media says.

Social media has a lot of toxicity, giving girls unrealistic body standards and unrealistic lifestyles. Although many people find themselves comparing themselves to others on social media, these 5 tips can help you fall away from the bad habit of comparing yourself. Instead, focus on yourself and how you are beautiful inside and out!

Hello everyone! My name is Madelaine Triebold. I am from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and am currently a Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a Journalism B.A. major that is taking the Strategic Communication track with a certificate in Digital Studies. Some fun facts about me are that I am a broadway musical fanatic and that I would gladly spend any day at a badger football game! Find me on instagram @mtriebold!
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