5 Ways to Start Your Semester Off Right

We all know that feeling—beginning the semester feeling refreshed and like there’s nothing standing in your way, and then realizing a week later that you’re already on the verge of pulling your first all-nighter. Here are some of the best ways to prevent this from happening—or at the very least prolong it for a few weeks!


1. PLAN! Start out with planning before classes start. Buy a fun new planner if you want to! Something as simple as a fun planner can make it that much more fun to get your life together. Color code all of your classes and different activities and job(s). Copy everything from the syllabi into your planner the first week so you’re aware of big dates, like project due dates and exams, ahead of time. A digital calendar can also be helpful—plug in your class schedule and put in reminders for the first couple weeks so you get used to your schedule and never get a lecture time wrong!


2. Wait to Buy Your Books

You never know if you may have to switch or drop a class or if the $100 book you’re told to buy is actually relevant—I would recommend going to at least a week of classes before buying any books. I personally had a schedule conflict this semester that I wasn’t able to change due to a required class for my major, and ended up having to drop a class that I had already spent $60 for books on—not fun! Save yourself the hassle of lost money and the return process and make sure your schedule is finalized before hitting the bookstore.


3. Take Care of YourselfGet into a healthy routine while it’s still syllabus week and you actually have the time—take the extra time to work out, grocery shop, spend time with friends that you may not get to see as much once school starts—and maybe just binge your favorite Netflix show! If you establish a healthy and balanced routine before your schedule gets too hectic, you are more likely to carry on with it even when you become busier.


4. Set GoalsSetting goals for yourself is a great way to go into the semester feeling motivated and like you’re working toward something. Whether it be landing a new job or internship, getting an A in a class or getting more involved on campus, writing down goals is a great way to have something to stay focused on and keep up morale and motivation!


5. OrganizeMake sure everything in your life is at least physically together. Organizing is something that is best to do when you have time. Clean your room, clean out your closet, change sheets, do laundry, clean out your fridge, empty your backpack of last semester’s old papers and gum wrappers—you’ll much happier to have a clean and organized space once your other responsibilities become more stressful and time-consuming.

Use these tips and tricks to start off your semester and you'll be setting yourself up for success!