5 Ways to Spend Your Saturdays, Post Game-Day Season

We all know and love that Saturdays in the fall are reserved for Badger game days. Getting decked out in red, tailgating and watching our beloved team win is an irreplaceable experience. Sadly, game days are over; and the post-traumatic stress is beginning. "Now what," you may be wondering. Here are five ways to spend your Saturdays in Madison now that game day season is officially over.


1. Go ice skating

The ice rink at the Shell, attached to Camp Randall, is open year-round. The rink at the Edgewater Hotel also opened recently for the season. The Edgewater’s ice rink is lined with Christmas lights and is full of cheer. Skate rental prices vary at each location, but they’re definitely reasonable.


2. Do some retail therapy

Treat yo’ self. Shopping is always a good idea, and State Street and the downtown area are full of small stores and boutiques. If you want to leave the area, Hilldale Shopping Center, West Towne Mall and East Towne Malls are nearby.


3. Explore Madison’s coffee shops

Coffee is always a good idea as well. Luckily, Madison is loaded with different coffee shops. From Barriques to Michaelangelo’s to Colectivo, there are so many of them to explore. It’s nice to catch up with friends while having a cup of joe in hand. 


4. Take a day trip

Are you tired of being on campus? Take a day trip away. Devil’s Lake State Park is a great place to hike when the weather permits. If you’re looking for more of a city scene, Milwaukee is also a beautiful place to visit. Both places are only 45 minutes away by car.


5. Get your life together

Badger game days are an all-day ordeal. You get only little work done, and you end up feeling lazy by the end. Now that game days are over, you have time to get your life together. Whether that means spending the day doing homework or cleaning your bedroom, you can be productive with this free time.


Take these five ideas into consideration when you're planning your next free weekend. Don’t let the Saturdays without Badger games get to you!