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5 Ways to Refresh over Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner — at least for some of us. You’ve made it! Midterms were rough; the warm weather teases were tough; that one snowstorm was even tougher. But evidently, you’re stronger than all of that! Maybe you’re jetting off to somewhere fun; maybe you’ll finally get to sleep in your own bed at home again. In any case, here are five ways to recuperate and refresh after a long couple of months.


1. Relax and treat yourself!

You’ve had a long couple of months, so take some time for you. Take a bubble bath or try a face mask. Some of them can get a little pricey; try DIY-ing! Do whatever makes you feel good.


2. Pick up a new hobby

Sign up for a yoga class, teach yourself how to knit or put your mind to work any way you can! Keep your brain busy, and put it towards something you find interesting. It could be going outside to learn how to actually throw a football; it could be picking up a book to start reading for fun. The point is, find something new that interests you.


3. Get outside

Breathe in some fresh air now that it’s (somewhat) nice out! Go take a walk in your local park or spend some time at the beach if you’re somewhere warm. Get yourself acclimated to the new environment or get to know your neighborhood through fresh lens. Absorb some vitamin D, then jump back under your covers so you can get back to your repeat binge of The Office.


4. Reconnect with an old friend

Make plans to get lunch with a friend from high school, or send a text to someone that you haven’t talked to in a while. Talk to the best friend that you haven’t seen in months, or sit down and have a conversation with your mom. Be sure to take some time to remember the people you’ve been away from for so long.


5. Start a gratitude list

School’s been hectic; we all know that making an extra effort to give thanks probably wasn’t on the top of your priority list when you had a chemistry midterm. But, now that you have some downtime on your hands, stop and think about what and who you have to be grateful for.


Take this week to recharge; you’ve earned it!

Katie Semack

Wisconsin '21

Katie grew up in New York City and is a senior at University of Wisconsin- Madison studying Political Science and Communications. Her favorite pastimes include doing yoga, watching Golden Girls with her puppy, Gatsby, and empowering other women. 
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