5 Ways to Really Personalize Your Dorm or Apartment 

Everyone wants the picture-perfect room. here are five ways to make your room Instagram-ready and unique to your style.


1. Lots and Lots of Pictures

Pictures to decorate your room can be anything from people you miss, your best friends, an artsy picture you took of your favorite spot back home or a picture that will make you smile when looking at it! You can hang pictures directly on the wall, frame them on your desk or buy photo clips to hang them up with string. 


2. Lights

Walking from dorm room to room, I have seen a variety of different lights that seem to make each room special and unique. You could buy fairy lights and wrap them around the edge of your room, or you could make your photo clips be little lights, or you could even get lights that change colors when on a specific setting. Lights really make the room feel personal.

3. Bedding 

Bedding is my favorite part of the room. I spent three hours searching on Urban Outfitters and other ~trendy~ sites to find the perfect bedding set. Make sure the color scheme fits your room and the fabric is soft! Your bed might be the place you spend the most time, so you’ll want to make sure you have a nice, comfortable place to lie down!


4. Posters

Posters really say a lot about a person. You can hang up your favorite music artist, your hometown or even just a poster that caught your eye. Posters really make the room feel special and personal. Posters can turn a boring cinder block dorm room into your new home for the year. 


5. Snack Holder

Nothing says home without your favorite things to munch on when you are hungry or even just bored. Make sure to have plenty of space to keep your snacks, so they don’t get in the way. I always make sure to have a bunch of popcorn on hand during midterms (or even in general). Snacks can really help get you through some rough times or just add to a really fun night. Grab a cute cart to really complete your room.https://www.hgtv.com/shows/hgtv-crafternoon/stock-your-dorm-kitchen-with...

These are just a small sampling of fun ways to decorate your room. Be creative and add whatever makes you feel most comfortable!