5 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last All Night

Your makeup can make or break your outfit. So, if you’re still debating whether you’re really feeling up for a night out when your friends are already all dressed up and ready to go, slap on your favorite lipstick and some winged eyeliner. Chances are, you’ll be closing down the bar.

Now, let’s be honest: if you have ever made it all night with your makeup looking as good as it did when you left the house, call me. I’d love to learn some of your makeup magic. If you’re anything like me, chances are, your night will come to a screeching halt the second you step into the light and catch a glimpse of your new look.

Assuming you’re not going for a joker-themed makeup look, here are some tips you can follow to make sure your makeup stays like it’s tattooed in place.


1. Prime your canvas

Primer is the glue that holds everything together. Your makeup masterpiece may slip and drip all over your face without it. No one has time for runny foundation.


2. Set your foundation

Oil in your T-zone + unset foundation = one big hot mess. Give your face a matte look by applying some translucent powder — you’ll be oil-free for your night bar-hopping down State Street.


3. Waterproof eyeliner is your friend

I love a well-drawn pair of winged eyeliners, so nothing pains me more than when I notice my perfect wing has turned into a smudged black eye. Waterproof means sweat-proof and oil-proof. Your wing should stay sharp all night long.


4. Setting Spray saves lives

Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray is a holy grail when it comes to making your makeup last all night. Give yourself a couple of good sprays before you head out. Your makeup will last until the morning.


5. Touch-ups elongate the night  

Even with your primer, powder and setting spray, you may still need to do some minor touch-ups throughout the night. This can be more effort than it’s worth, so just pop on a bold lipstick if you want — no one will notice if anything is out of place.


If makeup mishaps have been ruining your girls' night outs, try all of these tips to make your makeup last as long as the party.