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5 Ways to Feel Cozy in the Cold

By now, we have all started to feel the biting cold of another Wisconsin winter.  After the polar vortex of last year, we are definitely no stranger to the cold, but that doesn’t mean we are mentally ready to say goodbye to a much too short autumn.  As they say, you may not be able to control the situation  (seriously wish we had power over the weather!) but you can certainly control your reaction to it.  Here are some ways to embrace the chill while still feeling warm and cozy on the inside.

1.  Eat Comfort Food

Do yourself a favor and try whipping up a simple, home-cooked meal whether that be a hearty stew or a new twist on the classic mac & cheese dish.  Colder temps outside give you the chance to hole up inside and finally try out one of the many delish recipes from Pinterest you’ve accumulated. 

2. Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure

We all have something that we love to do when we need to get away form it all.  Use the chilly weather as the perfect excuse to make the most of your time indoors and spend all day doing whatever your heart desires.  This could be finding a cozy corner to curl up with a new book, Netflixing some favorite classics, going through old pictures, or even giving mom a call.

3.  Set the Mood

Being cozy requires warmth, and the best way to make any room warmer is to light up some candles.  It’ll create an ambience that will have you forgetting about the cold as fast as the temps drop.  Bonus points if you decide to go all out with seasonal scents!

4. Dress the Part

Not going out means not having to dress in socially acceptable ways, which means you’ll find us wearing our coziest sweats, pajamas, slippers, snuggie, robe…whatever floats your boat.  There really is nothing more exciting than having a lazy day now and then, and you certainly must look the part. 

5. Find your Favorite Mug

And fill it with your hot beverage of choice: coffee, tea, hot chocolate with a million marshmallows.  The saying is true: It’s really hard to feel stressed after having a cup of tea.  Who knew a hot drink could have the power to change your mood and make the cold not seem so bad after all!

Of course, the best thing you could do is combine all these strategies to combat the pending winter blues.  The art of mastering the infamous Wisconsin cold is a tough one, but nothing that a little dash of comfort can’t fix.

Michelle Motyl is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison double majoring in Biology and Journalism. Her role models include Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy and Giuliana Rancic of E! News. Michelle believes her big city hometown of Chicago is second-to-none, and can be heard sharing random thoughts on her Twitter @MeeshtheKeesh. In her spare time, she enjoys reading the newest YA romance novels while sipping on skinny vanilla lattes, believing that the best men you will meet in life are those you find in books, not bars.
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