5 Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn

Though it’s been called “Facebook for Professionals,” LinkedIn has its own rules and etiquette. There are also some little-known features that can boost your profile views. Follow our tips to create a standout LinkedIn account!

1. Include everything (Well, not everything, but a lot)

One of LinkedIn's best features is that, unlike paper resumes, its profiles aren't confined to a one-page limit. If you follow the one-page rule (which, as an undergrad, you probably should), your resume may only have room for a few brief highlights of your professional accomplishments. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a master resume of all the positions you’ve held, honors you’ve received and organizations you’ve been involved with. While high school accolades are irrelevant on a college student’s resume for the most part, putting your high school on your LinkedIn profile can help expand your network by gaining connections with classmates and professionals from your hometown.  

2. Add multimedia content

Demonstrate your skills by adding links or uploading files of projects you’ve done for work or class. Are you great at working with data? Upload the project from your statistics class last semester. Have a blog? Link some of your best posts. A portfolio of relevant work samples makes your LinkedIn more than just a list of what you claim to be good at — it's living proof that you are actually a pro.

3. Customize your public profile URL

Your LinkedIn profile URL is a good addition to your resume header and professional email signature, and LinkedIn gives you the ability to choose one. The shorter and simpler it is, the better.

4. Add a headshot

LinkedIn accounts with profile pictures get 11 times more views! Rules of formality differ depending on your desired industry, though. Click here to review standards of dress for different types of companies. In general, a high-quality photograph with natural lighting and a simple background will be sufficient to get potential connections to click on your profile. Stay away from selfies, overly filtered photos and pictures of you at UU with your best friend awkwardly cropped out. 

5. Connect and endorse!

Though adding your best friends on LinkedIn is great, remember that it is a professional network. Add coworkers, professors, TAs and classmates (especially those that you worked on group projects with — they can vouch for those super-employable skills, like teamwork and communication). Endorse your connections’ skills, and they’ll likely return the favor.


Looking to secure a job or internship? LinkedIn is now one of the main tools used by corporate recruiters looking to fill positions. Use these tips to polish your profile and set your best foot forward for recruiting season!