5 Tips for the First Week of Class

    The “best years of your life” have to start sometime… keep reading to find tips on surviving your first week of college!


  1. 1. Make friends in all your classes

    people sitting in chairs in a classroom viewed from behind

    You say you’ll never skip classes now, but eventually you’ll oversleep your 8am and need notes!

  2. 2. Stay on top of the readings

    Woman Wearing Brown Shirt Carrying Black Leather Bag on Front of Library Books

    You may think that you can catch up on the readings this weekend, but I promise you that you cannot! Keep up with the readings now to avoid cramming at the last minute.

  3. 3. Don’t have too much fun

    people cheers drinks

    You’re on campus!! No parents!! New friends!! All these new opportunities are hard to say no to, but you need to remember why you’re here (hint: its to get an education!) Have fun, but make sure to stay on top of your studies.

  4. 4. Check the library to see if your textbook is in the reserve sections

    The Lalastack Of Old Books And Glasses

        Textbooks are expensive! Check your library’s website (click here to access UW Madison’s) to see if the book is available so you can save some money!

  5. 5. Start making a routine for yourself

    a photo of an open planner

    The sooner you start making a routine for yourself the better! College is a huge adjustment, but using a planner and sticking to it will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed!

There’s a reason why so many people sing songs and make movies about college- its awesome! Finding a balance between studying and fun is the key to succeeding and leaving college (somewhat) stress-free!