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5 Things You Need to Let Go of This Spring

It’s spring cleaning season. It’s time we take all of the things we don’t need from our house and donate it to a new home. But, spring cleaning isn’t just for the physical junk in our lives; it’s also for ditching anything and everything in our lives that no longer serves us. It’s time to let it all go.


1. Grudges Against Others

Everyone has a few people they just cannot stand being around. Grudges can build from situations as silly as some girl failing to apologize when she spilled her Frappuccino all over your gorgeous notes in psychology; but they can also come from something more serious, like a betrayal of a friend or a cheating ex-boyfriend. Whatever the case, my advice is the same: let it go! Holding onto grudges makes it impossible to grow and move forward with your life. Does that mean you have to let people walk all over you and love every person who walks into your life? No! It means that you shouldn’t waste your time and effort dwelling on the wrongs of the past. Holding on to grudges is holding you back; move on!


2. Toxic Relationships

You know who they are. These are the “friends” who always seem to put you in a bad mood after you spend time with them; these are people who are only friends with you when it’s convenient for them. Toxic relationships can be friends, significant others or even family. In any case, you don’t deserve to be caught up in the negativity that comes with those relationships. Toxic relationship have many symptoms: jealousy, lying, gossiping about you behind your back (or to your face) and making you feel guilty about who you are — to name a few. If this sounds like what someone in your life would do, consider talking to them or simply giving yourself some much-needed distance.


3. Regret

What was said, is said; what was done, is done. Sound familiar? Too often we let past decisions impact our lives for way longer than they should. Mistakes can help us to learn, but dwelling on them certainly won’t — it isn’t helpful in any way. Remember the lessons learned, but ditch the regret you have for how you learned it.


4. Bad Habits

Habits are hard to get rid of for a reason. Any poor decision, after continuous repetition, becomes hardwired into our mind. This makes breaking habits incredibly difficult. Perhaps it’s your ability to make bags of potato chips disappear while binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy; maybe it’s more serious, like having seven glasses of wine after every hard day. The only way to break those habits? Replace them. Make conscious choices about your behavior until productive, mindful actions become your new habits.


5. A Negative Attitude

Considering the stress that comes with finals, the hassle of finding a job for summer and the temperamental Wisconsin weather, spring is basically the definition of a mood swing. Having ups and downs in life is normal; no one can be in a great mood all the time. But if you’re noticing you still feel down on days when nothing really went wrong, you might need to check the attitude. Looking on the bright side of situations is much easier said than done, but it’s possible. Take note of how you react to unfavorable situations. A positive attitude will do wonders for both your health and your happiness.


Spring is all about growth. In the days to come, make more room for what brings you happiness by forgiving and forgetting. So, as you’re packing up boxes for the thrift shop, be sure to keep in mind these five things — on top of last season’s sunglasses.

Allie Helein

Wisconsin '21

Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Dietetics and Psychology
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