5 Things to Do in Madison This Spring

Believe it or not, we’re only a few weeks from the end of the semester! After a couple weeks of brutal weather at the beginning of spring, we’re finally well on our way to sunnier skies, warmer weather and maybe just a bit more action from Mother Nature. If you find yourself a bit bored and unsure of what to do with some extra time before handing in your last assignments, take some time to do one of these spring activities on your weekends left in Madison!


1. Visit the Chazen Art Museum

One thing that Madison is so fortunate to have is an amazing appreciation for the art community. With the luxury of having many students majoring in the arts comes a great opportunity to visit the Chazen Museum of Art. The Chazen has several great exhibits for the spring, including “What’s In a Jug”, which focuses on ceramic jug art, as well as “The Tile Club” — all of which are really eye-catching and definitely worth checking out.


2. Anything on the Lake

Now that warm weather is upon us, Lake Mendota has finally defrosted. If you didn’t have the opportunity at the beginning of first semester to rent paddle boats or boards through Hoofer’s, now is the time to do so! Go ahead, enjoy some time in the sun — or maybe even in a splash — with some friends on Lake Mendota!


3. Go to the Farmers’ Market

I can for sure say that going to the Capitol Square Farmers’ Market this Spring will definitely be on my agenda. The Farmers' Market has everything from local goodies to Wisconsin favorites; so you’re sure to get a great taste of Madison there on a sunny Saturday morning. Whether it be fun flowers for your latest Instagram pic or abundant varieties of farm-fresh food, there’s something for everyone’s list.


4. Hang out at Memorial Union Terrace

Since nicer weather is going to be a common thing from here on out, don’t forget about the Terrace — and its awesome festivities at night! They offer everything between poetry slams and concerts, so you can watch the sunset on Lake Mendota while enjoying some awesome music from local artists. But, being with great company on a warm night is just as great when you're sitting in those iconic orange, yellow and green chairs.


5. Go Hammocking by Lakeshore Path

This is something I think should be on everyone’s UW bucket list: a relaxing day spent hammocking by Lakeshore Path. Behind Kronshage Residence Hall are some great trees that almost seem like they were made for hammocking and for spending lazy days out in the sun. Gather some friends, and take some time to relax from the stress of school. There, enjoy a nice spring day hammocking!


With spring on the horizon and the semester soon coming to an end, take some time to enjoy the weather and to scout out all the great things Madison has to offer! Go to the lake, check out the Chazen Museum, go hammocking — do pretty much anything outside. Use this guide as inspiration to take advantage of these wonderful spring days ahead of us!