5 Study Spots Ruining Your GPA

Location, location, location! They say location is everything, and finding the perfect spot to study is absolutely no exception. There’s just so much to consider (is it comfy, quiet, and snack-friendly?) that finding the perfect spot that satisfies all of the qualifications seems overwhelming and impossible. But don’t worry! Here are some study location flops to make your search that much shorter.

1. Your apartment

Studying in your apartment is like playing with fire. You have distraction after distraction after distraction. From your roommates to Netflix to procrasti-baking, the list goes on and on. Yet, those all seem to pale in comparison to the biggest culprit of them all—your bed. Even if you are one of the strong ones and can tune out all of the other distractions, when you’re at home, your bed is always the hardest one to resist. 

And let’s be real, your bed always wins.

2. College Library: Silent Study

If you’re looking for a silent study spot to lock in and crank out some long hours of studying, the quiet section of college is perfect for you. Enter at your own risk though: “silent study” won’t save you from loud chewers and overzealous whisperers. Headphones are a must.

3. Serf

We’ve all seen it: the girl next to you with her notebook propped up on the treadmill, effortlessly running for miles. Battling all the people and side cramps while trying not to fall off the treadmill is difficult enough—why make things worse with studying?

News flash: if picture-perfect Taylor Swift falls off her treadmill, you will too. Or at least, you won’t learn anything.


4. Union South

Don’t get me wrong, Union South is great. It’s close to classes, has good places to eat, and has a ton of tables. In fact, it’s actually one of my favorite places to study, EXCEPT during the lunch rush. From around 11-2 every day, when everyone’s fav restaurant Ginger Root is open, Union South turns into a jungle.

Forget about peacefully studying for that big exam you have next week. Oh, and all those tables I mentioned?  Send a friend to scout out spots and keep your computer on 100% charge because outlets are at a minimum.

5. Bascom Hill

Studying on Bascom always seems like a great idea until you actually get there. Problem #1, you will get into a losing battle with the wind. And I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you’re anything like me, you’re NOT Pocahontas. You won’t look fabulous, and your papers will go everywhere.

Problem #2, your study plans will probably turn into tanning plans because priorities, right?

Now, I’m not saying you should swear off your tan in favor of locking yourself in the library all semester, nor am I promising that avoiding these five spots on campus will guarantee you a 4.0. It’s all about finding balance in your study schedule, whether that be taking a lunch break at Union South, going to the Serf to actually work out, or hitting up College with your headphones and favorite study music. Happy studying!