5 Songs you need to Complete your Perfect Fall Soundtrack

Ah, fall. That fresh “new school year” scent has officially worn off and has been replaced with a crisp autumn breeze. The temperature has grown cooler, the leaves are changing colors and you’re probably a lot more stressed than you were two weeks ago. As midterms, extracurriculars and other responsibilities begin to accumulate, good music is a necessity in order to power through the jam-packed days. Whether you need a relaxing melody to play while doing homework or an invigorating alt-pop beat to motivate your Monday morning, these five songs will cultivate the ultimate fall listening experience. 

  1. 1. Remember When — Wallows 

    If you’re familiar with Netflix’s hit drama series 13 Reasons Why, you may have heard of Dylan Minnette, the actor who plays the show’s protagonist, Clay Jensen. As Minnette rose to viral stardom with the role, his success on the show propelled many fans to discover his band, Wallows, where he sings and plays the guitar. Known for their ‘80s style aesthetic, the LA native trio’s sound can be characterized by their unique alternative style, often featuring odes to young love and teenage angst weaved with zestful guitar riffs and punchy backing vocals.

    “Remember When” is the kind of song one would imagine playing in the background of a teen movie. The exhilarating bassline in combination with Minnette’s guitar creates a cool vintage feel, reminiscent of chilly autumn nights filled with friendship and electrifying nostalgia. This song is the perfect ballad for a brisk walk to class or an evening jam session. 

    Best line: “Do you remember when we felt like the only two alive?”

  2. 2. Paper Houses — Niall Horan

    Though I still may feel some tears well up when I think about One Direction’s confusing breakup, one positive outcome of the split is the multitude of great solo music by each of the band members. Niall Horan’s 2017 debut solo album, Flicker, is a reflection of this. Calming guitar instrumentals in combination with Horan’s sweet yet raspy voice creates a chill, homey vibe for the album.

    “Paper Houses” is one of my personal favorites from the tracklist. The song is about one person falling out of love with the other, while the other clings on to what they previously built together. While the track may carry a sad sentiment, the relaxing melody and soft vocals offset the message, which makes for ideal calming background music during a cozy night in. 

    Best line: “We made our love out of stacks of cards.”

  3. 3. Fallin' All in You — Shawn Mendes

    With his charming smile, talented musical skills and boy-next-door personality, singer Shawn Mendes has captured the hearts of millions across the world. On his third studio album, Mendes combines acoustic guitar and simple piano beats to formulate a soft pop masterpiece. Most songs on the album feature melodic tunes offset by dreamy high-range vocals and romantic lyrics. 

    “Fallin’ All in You” is a sweet ballad which gives off a lighthearted and relaxing vibe. This is a perfect song for a chill date night or just to listen to while cuddled up under the covers. Also, the play on words with “Fallin’” during fall just makes it ten times cuter. 

    Best line: “Be my summer on a winter day.”

  4. 4. King of Everything — Dominic Fike 

    With his first EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, released in 2018, Florida native Dominic Fike is a fairly new voice to the alternative music scene. Fike has become known for his mixing of genres including hip-hop and pop styles to create a cool, edgy aesthetic. 

    I personally think that “King of Everything” is the shining star of the EP. As far as the lyrics go, it’s a relatively short song due to the long instrumental intro — true to Fike’s unique style. Admittedly, I used to skip the intro, but now, I think that it sets the tone for ~spooky season~ vibes. The backbeat has a soft, yet cool and relaxed feeling, which makes me feel like I’m the lead character in an indie film while walking around campus blasting the song in my earphones. 

    Best line: “I make all the other people tell me secrets in my dreams.”

  5. 5. Color Green — New Politics

    Hailing from Denmark, New Politics is an alternative band known for their upbeat, high-energy music. On their 2017 album, Lost in Translation, the trio utilizes a variety of different instruments in order to generate an eclectic sound. In addition to their musical talents, the band is also talented lyrically — many of their songs include poetic verses and catchy hooks. 

    “Color Green” feels like a love letter to autumn. With its wistful lyrics and joyous melody, I can’t help but imagine a beautiful fall sunset or the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves. The song is cheery in a way that will boost your mood on a cool afternoon, but it also features insightful verses for those who enjoy delving into the lyrics of a song.  

    Best line: “Let your dreams and your heart light the way.”

Sometimes, some good music is all you need to turn your day around. From chill indie beats to soft pop tunes, these songs will spice up any fall playlist to get you out of that mid-semester slump.