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Kellyn Simpkin-Girl In Front Of Eiffel Tower France Hat Paris
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5 Reasons Why Learning a New Language is Good for You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

In high school, I always dreaded going to my required Spanish class. I never felt like I was learning anything, and no one in my class seemed to have the motivation to learn Spanish. Now, in college, my views on learning a new language have completely changed. Deciding to take on the French language, I have discovered many different ways, told by my T.A., that have actually motivated me to try and become fluent in another language.

It helps you get a job

Even if the job you are applying for does not require you to know a second language, it can be considered a bonus from your employer when they are looking for an applicant to hire. It makes your resume stand out compared to others, it helps you connect with regular or potential clients who speak that certain language, and many other aspects.

 It improves your multitasking skills

Multitasking, especially while taking notes in class, can sometimes feel impossible. Studies show that learning a second language actually improves your multitasking skills. If you are bilingual, you have to switch back and forth between two different languages, which requires fast task-switching. Having great multitasking skills can help you in school, in a job and everyday life.

You will live longer

Being able to speak two languages gives you a healthier brain. This means that your brain is still being very active, even in your old age. Having a healthier brain with more brain activity can help prevent memory loss, or diseases such as alzheimers or dementia.

It will make you feel accomplished

Since I actually have the determination to learn a new language now, it is exciting to see how far I have come in the French language in just two semesters of college. The amount I know in such a small amount of time makes me feel super accomplished and satisfied with myself. 

The world is your oyster!

If you plan on studying abroad, getting an internship abroad or just planning on traveling, knowing the language of the country you plan on visiting is very helpful in your travels. You will be able to hold conversations with the locals, meet new people and make friends from different countries. You will also be able to immerse in the cultures more, and also know more about them from studying the language.

The different ways that learning a new language is beneficial to you do not stop here. These are just the reasons that I found most interesting in the aspects of my own life. Of course, all of these examples do not apply to just the French language, but all other languages! If you apply yourself in learning a new foreign language, not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you learned a new language, but there are many benefits that come along with it, even if you are not completely fluent!


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