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5 New Drinks To Try at Starbucks This Spring


This year in Wisconsin, spring was thrown at us with no warning. This warm weather snapped everyone out of their seasonal depression and into a state of happiness and extreme thirst. Starbucks on State St. has been nonstop packed for weeks and the warm weather is to blame. While that seems like the place to be on campus right now, you should know about the upcoming drinks that will settle you right into spring. 


Berry Sunset Refresher
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This drink is a secret delicacy that doesn’t involve many instructions for the barista. Order a Very Berry Hibiscus refresher but sub the water with peach juice and ask for no scoop of berries. The color of this drink will be a light orange color and tastes as refreshing as it looks. This is a perfect drink for those people who don’t like coffee (weirdos) but still want to try something fun from Starbucks.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew
Coldbrew Milk
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Let me tell you guys this is a money saver hidden gem. It is just cold brew, which is cheap, with as many pumps as vanilla as you want, and a hit of sweet cream. It tastes a lot like a vanilla latte but almost a whole dollar less. It is also a great drink for on-the-go because it doesn’t take a long time to make. For some people they don’t like all the sugar in this drink so i would suggest swapping out the vanilla for sugar free vanilla and everything still tastes as yummy as before.

Iced Pineapple Matcha
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For my matcha lovers out there, this ones for you. Starbucks finally did something good with matcha and added something to it. This drink is coconut milk, matcha powder, and the new pineapple ginger syrup. It may seem a little confusing how all these flavors can mix so well together but trust me, Starbucks nailed it. The pineapple matcha hits all the spots with fruity and milky which makes me feel a lot healthier after drinking it. If you are nervous about ordering this because you feel secure with your Pink Drink I suggest getting out of your comfort zone for this drink and embracing the flavor.

Starbucks Blond Double Shot On Ice

Yes this may seem like a mouthful to order but it is truly an amazing energy booster. This drink comes with double the shots of a normal iced drink so basically you are straight inhaling espresso. The blonde shot makes it a little sweeter so the espresso isn’t as direct and bitter. This drink typically comes with 2% milk and classic syrup but to switch it up I enjoy almond milk and pumps of white chocolate syrup. This adds a little sweetness to the shots of espresso and also creates a pretty ombre looking drink.

Iced Vanilla Chai With Oat Milk
Coldbrew French Press
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This is the best drink at Starbucks. Periodt. This is always the first drink I suggest to people when they ask me what they should get from Starbcuks. It is the perfect blend of chai, which is a type of spice syrup, vanilla to make it sweet, and oatmilk to keep it creamy. Honestly, I am craving one right now. Another inside scoop, this is the easiest drink to make as a barista. Whenever someone orders an iced chai I immediately want to personally thank them for being a kind human. Truly the best people in the world drink iced chais and I think that needs to be quoted and put in a book somewhere.


Spring is coming at us fast and I know it’s important for many people to be up to date with the seasonal Starbucks drinks. These drinks are perfect for a cute picnic or walk down by Lake Mendota. It’s a beautiful day to start sipping on spring.


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