5 Hidden TV Gems

Let’s face it, we’ve all watched pretty much everything we can think of at this point. 2020 has exhausted our streaming services of anything new and enjoyable. But there has to be some shows that we haven’t seen yet? While I was bored of re-watching the same shows, I remembered some less talked about shows to recommend.

  1. 1. "The End of the F***cking World"

    The End of the F***cking World is a UK show with two seasons on Netflix. It centers around James, who believes he is a psychopath, and Alyssa, a hot headed teen with a troubled homelife, running away together and their adventures. The episodes are short and witty and you could easily finish both seasons in a weekend. It has a Wes Anderson feel to it. It is a dark comedy so there are some intense scenes, but overall it was a really fun show.

  2. 2. "The Society"

    The Society is a teen drama on Netflix with one season. The premise is a bunch of high schoolers get trapped in an alternate world where they are the only ones in their town and they can’t escape. They have to form a new way of life together in order to survive. It is similar to Lord of the Flies but in a more modern setting. There are lots of humor and heartwarming moments in the show as well. A second season was planned, but then cancelled due to COVID. Regardless, the first season is still a great watch.

  3. 3. "Next in Fashion"

    Here is a reality competition show that you might not have heard of. Next in Fashion has one season on Netflix where fashion designers compete with their designs. I was hesitant at first to watch, but thoroughly enjoyed it. The challenges and competitors were so creative and I definitely was rooting for certain contestants. Tan France from Queer Eye is also a host, which is an added bonus!

  4. 4. "Broadchurch"

    Broadchurch is definitely the darkest show on this list since it is a crime mystery show. It originally aired in the UK and now is on Netflix with three seasons. Each season revolves around a new mystery that truly has a shocking reveal. The first season is about a young boy’s death and finding out who the killer is. The seasons are also the perfect length that you aren’t guessing, but not bored by the end.

  5. 5. "The Bold Type"

    Here is a Hulu show in case you don’t have Netflix. The Bold Type normally airs on Freeform with episodes going up the next day on Hulu. It has four seasons so far and is renewed for a fifth. The show is inspired by the women working at Cosmopolitan and follows three women at a fashion magazine. It’s definitely not the most realistic journalism show, but it is incredibly entertaining. The bond between the three leads carries the show’s humor and spirit. 

I hope you found some new shows to watch! I need to go back and rewatch some of these myself. Remember to take some time for yourself during these stressful times and just watch some good shows.