5 Fall Trends Taking The World By Storm



Believe it or not, fall is finally here. With the new season upon us, there are some new — and returning —  styles that are ready to find their way into your closet. This season, there is just about something for everybody’s style. In fact, there are many different ways to mix and match these five trends to be runway ready while on campus.


1.   Plaid, plaid and more plaid!

Look out Cher Horowitz, plaid is back and better than ever! Playing off of the notorious yellow plaid outfit the character Cher wore in the 1995 movie Clueless, fall 2018 brings back the nostalgia from the movie and goes forward in making the trend its own with pops of color. You can find just about any piece of your outfit in a plaid pattern. Common items that saw the runway this year were cropped yellow plaid halter tops, electric blue plaid blazers, and black and white plaid skinny trousers. In addition, you’ll even find accessories such as scarves and hats in the print to add just an extra touch to your look.


2.    Funky sunnies

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer or spring accessory. In fact, sunglasses can make or break an outfit — and leave a statement! Continuing summer 2018, statement sunglasses are the way to go. The great thing about sunglasses is that there are quite a few routes you could take. Round frames with silver lining have been a fan favorite for a while. However, another pair that’s coming in this fall is the smaller, pointed, convex ones that are taking over Instagram.


3.    Statement sweaters for sweater weather

From cable knit to layered long sweaters, there are an abundance of sweater styles to try this fall. Statement sweaters come in a variety of forms. Not only can you wear mustard yellow, burnt oranges and muted reds, but throwing in different necklines such as turtlenecks or v-necks also changes the game.


4.    Leather everything

Another trend back from the 80s is leather. Although it may be way too hot in the summer, it’s perfect for the fall. This season you’ll see anything leather, from different shapes in jackets to various colors in pants. Leather isn’t entirely a new fall trend, but it always finds its way close to the heart.


5.    Cozy coats

These coats are no stranger to anyone. Most people can’t scroll down Instagram or Twitter without encountering at least one celebrity wearing these oversized and stylish coats. While they hold a large presence on social media, that doesn’t mean they’re exclusive to just influencers. These are perfect for the colder days or nights of fall. You’ll commonly see oatmeal or toffee colored versions of this coat and sometimes you’ll see coats with more volume as well. They sure do cause heads to turn as you walk across campus — all while keeping you warm.


From plaid and stylish sunglasses to the everyday fall sweaters, there is a lot to try this season. Plus, it’s only the beginning of fall so there is so much time to branch out from your usual style with each of these new trends. There are so many ways to incorporate them by trying out new bottoms, finding a new top or searching for new accessories.