5 Easy-to-Care-for Houseplants


Do you love plants, but don’t know how to keep them alive for more than a week? Want a garden, but live in a tiny, campus apartment? Here are some beautiful indoor plants that are easy to care for and will liven up your place. Plus, they won’t die on you!


1. Aloe

IkeaThe first houseplant that I recommend is Aloe. Aloe has other uses besides being decorative. You can use Aloe to help soothe burns and it can grow to be many different sizes.

How to care: Aloe loves sunlight and dry soil, so don’t over water!


2. Pothos

Pothos is an easy houseplant that also has health benefits! Pothos helps to purify the air and strip it of all the different toxins it may have. Also, it has gotten former Bachelor contestant, Bekah Martinez’s, stamp of approval in her Insta stories.

How to Care: Pothos vines grow long so cut to the length of your desire. It can handle any level of sunlight and doesn’t need to be watered too often.


3. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies don’t have any special health benefits like Aloe and Pothos; however, they are truly pretty indoor plants with their bright, white flowers that bloom off of dark, green leaves. Peace Lilies are another one of Bekah Martinez’s favorites (via her Insta stories).

How to Care: Peace Lilies prefer little sunlight and need moist soil.


4. Ficus

The indoor Ficus tree adds beauty to any room that it is in, try adding some variety in your home with this tree. A helpful hint to add even more beauty to this plant is to braid the stems!

How to Care: Ficus loves the sun and prefers dry soil, try not to overwater!


5. Ivy

Ivy is a common houseplant because of its versatility and beauty. You can trim Ivy to keep it short or you can allow it to climb on window sills or furniture. You can even grow this plant by cutting off a section and putting it in the soil!

How to Care: Ivy needs moist soil and prefers cooler temperatures.

Try one — or all — of these houseplants to spruce up your place! These plants are easy to care for and are sure to add some beauty into your life.