5 Commentary YouTubers You Should Be Watching

If you don’t know what YouTube commentary is, then boy are you going to go down the rabbit hole after this article. Commentary videos essentially voice YouTubers’ opinions on certain topics, ranging from serious to highly comedic. Most use satire, skits or songs to emphasize the oddness or wrongness of a video or situation. It’s fair to say that the genre was made popular by Ethan and Hila Klein of the YouTube channel h3h3Productions, but here are a couple more incredible creators, ranging from unpopular to #1 on Trending (in no particular order):

  1. Elvis Horton is one of the most objective commentators I’ve seen on the platform. No matter what topic he discusses, or if he even states his opinion, he’ll frequently iterate that it is in fact his opinion and he’ll present the opposing side as well. He’s witty and funny, but sometimes he can get offensive. He made a video discussing the issues with the YouTuber LeafyIsHere and later revisited said video to essentially comment on his own actions. He’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong and he’s extremely entertaining to watch. Also, he has a pretty cool/unusual line of clothing, if you’re into that.

  2. Drew is one of the more popular creators on this list, having almost 2 million subscribers. He just went on a comedy tour with fellow commentary YouTubers Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner (see #4). Drew is incredible to me because he can even make his advertisements entertaining by creating a hilarious skit surrounding them. When he uploads, you can tell his videos took immense research and are extremely thorough. They often go over half an hour in length, but personally I love long YouTube videos. Oh yeah, and you may recognize him from that one Vine — “Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does” — but just know that it should not be his only claim to fame!

  3. Eddy Burback has some incredible videos, my favorites being his commentary on various cringey and weird movies. He really doesn’t upload too often, but when he does, it’s worth the wait. Eddy’s videos are special because he chooses topics that barely anyone else, if anyone else, uploads videos about. Also, his Twitter and podcast with Gus Johnson (another Youtbuer that I love but doesn’t do too much commentary so I couldn’t add here) are worth following alone. Eddy has a different, almost dead pan, type of humor. He has a bunch of running jokes with his following, so it’s fun to hear them and immediately understand when others that haven’t seen his videos would be confused.

  4. Kurtis has recently encountered a great bout of fame due to his collaboration with fellow commentary YouTubers, Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden (#2). He may just be my favorite YouTuber. Kurtis’ humor and editing is one of the few things on the internet that gets me to laugh out loud. He makes a lot of puns, which are often pretty garbage — but that’s what makes them funnier, in my opinion. Not only does he have his YouTube career, Kurtis is also a pretty good stand-up comedian (some of his older tracks can be found on Spotify, btw!) It’s clear from just watching his videos that Kurtis is a good person and he respects all opinions and other people in general. If you were to watch one person’s videos from this list, I’d say watch his.

  5. BionicPIG, also known as Aaron, is such a unique personality. He has running skits sewn throughout some of his commentary videos which are so abstract, but hilarious to follow along with. He often commentates on singing videos, being an artist himself (a pretty good one, too!), with some education in music. He often critiques singers based off his musical education which can give most people a unique perspective that they may not have considered before. Aside from musical videos, he also has commentary on reality television, odd social media trends and weird/cringey YouTube accounts.

Even if you don’t watch any of these specific creators after reading this, I still strongly encourage you to check out the genre of commentary in general. It’s a video form of social and comical commentary that people have been creating forever, whether it be the satire of ancient Rome or just literal news. YouTube has given people a voice; it has allowed everyone to share their opinions, comment on others' opinions and form bonds over those that share their own. Definitely my favorite type of videos to watch.