5 Affordable Loungewear Brands That I’ve Been Living In

Now that we are all working and taking classes from home for an unknown amount of time, we need clothes to lounge around in. Every day, I like to get myself motivated to get going by getting ready into a loungewear outfit. I either go for a sports bra and legging set or a sweatsuit.  

  1. 1. CRZ Yoga

    This brand can be found on Amazon. It has amazing reviews on it, because everyone attests that it is a dupe of Lululemon. I personally find that their leggings have an amazing buttery material. My favorite items are their leggings and longline bras. The best part is that every piece is under $30!

  2. 2. Joylab by Target

    Joylab is a brand that can be found at Target. My favorite items from this brand are their ribbed matching workout sets. They come in a great variety of bright and neutral colors. A set runs around $50 in total. However, they sell out super quickly so make sure you put notifications on!

  3. 3. Forever21

    This is the cheapest brand on this list and they typically run great sales. I find that their sports bras are of great quality. Most of them come with removable pads. However, I would be hesitant when it comes to leggings. I try to find leggings without cotton! 

  4. 4. Champion

    I have been eyeing up many items on Urban Outfitters that are Champion. However, then I found that they are so much cheaper directly from the site. When you make an account, you get free shipping with every order and 15% off your first purchase. Along with that, you can sign up for student discounts for 10% off each order. They also allow you to stack many of their coupons! Their sweatshirts are exceptional quality and I typically like to order up to give it that oversized fit. 

  5. 5. Nasty Gal

    Nasty Gal is my go-to for trendy clothes. I find that everything is very affordable, but you also get what you pay for. This brand always has 60% off so do not feel rushed with your order when they have that countdown. I have been eyeing up a lot of their loungewear sets for a chic work-from-home look. 

Seeing that we are not getting outside anytime soon, I have been enjoying purchasing comfortable outfits that I can wear while lounging around my apartment!