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4 Ways Menstrual Cups Have Changed My Life

It’s been my saving grace

Let's be honest, periods are pretty stigmatized and looked down upon, even though they shouldn’t be. Periods are not something that anyone looks forward to, constantly worrying if you’ve bled through, making sure you have enough pads/tampons with you and, not to mention, all of the PMS. I’m here to tell you that menstrual cups take away half of the stress of a period. When I first heard about a menstrual cup, I was pretty skeptical. But after the first time I used one, my life changed for the better in four major ways.

Menstrual cups are so easy to use!

As someone who hates having to deal with more than is necessary, menstrual cups are easy to use. They’re just as easy to insert as a tampon and can stay in for up to 12 hours. I never had to run to the bathroom in between classes or stress if I was bleeding through while hanging out with my friends. Removal is just as easy as insertion. Simply take the cup out and dump the blood in the toilet. Then, wash it off using an approved soap and you’re ready to go again. 

I’ve never had a leak.

I’ve been wearing my menstrual cup for around two years. Never once in those two years have I ever had a leak (and I wear my cup for the recommended 12 hours). When I used tampons, I would bleed through at least once every period when I was younger. Once I was in high school, I had learned what my body does on my period and was able to almost never have a leak. I was constantly stressing about it though wherever I went. I no longer have to worry about that with my menstrual cup. It has been such a lifesaver. 

They’re really affordable and you never have to worry about running out.

Periods are expensive. Between buying monthly pads and tampons, medicine to help with cramps and all of the chocolate to satisfy our cravings, that time of the month does not come cheap. On average, people with periods spend about $10-$15 each menstrual cycle just on pads and tampons. If you add that up throughout their lifetimes, it equals around $1,800, just for pads and tampons. On the flip side, menstrual cups range in price from $20-$50, which at first can seem like a bit of investment, but it is so worth it. One cup can last on average 1-2 years but can last longer with proper care. Instead of spending $120-$150 each year on period products, menstrual cups have cut that down to just $20 (how much I spent on mine) for the course of two years. My wallet has thanked me a million times. 

You are less likely to get TSS from a menstrual cup.

Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, is a scary thought for anyone with a period. TSS can happen and is more likely to happen when someone leaves a tampon in for more than eight hours. When I wore tampons, I was terrified of contracting TSS. I worried about it constantly and always made sure I would change my tampon before the eight hour time limit. Sometimes, I would change them much sooner because it gave me so much anxiety. With my menstrual cup, I still catch myself worrying sometimes. Old habits die hard sometimes. However, I worry much less and sometimes don’t even think about it during a cycle. Menstrual cups have offered me such a peace of mind. 

Bonus: Better for the environment

I care deeply about the planet and menstrual cups have been able to give me peace of mind once again in this aspect of my life. I’m creating much less waste throughout the course of my menstrual cycles. It's such a great added bonus. 

While menstrual cups may not be for everyone, I highly recommend them. They’ve given me peace of mind in so many different ways, saved my underwear from looking like a disaster and have also saved me hundreds of dollars in pads and tampons. Everyone that I’ve talked to that uses a menstrual cup loves them. I recommend asking your friends if they use one and maybe trying one yourself in the future! 

Anna Watters

Wisconsin '23

Hi everyone, my name is Anna. I'm a transfer student here at UW. This is my second year here, but my fourth year overall. I'm majoring in MHR, English, and Environmental Studies. In my free time I love reading, spending time outside, and binge watching Netflix.
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