4 Ways to Bundle Up this Winter with Style

Winter in Wisconsin never fails to live up to its expectations. Everyday, it’s either snowing or the temperature is below zero. This makes going to class all the more difficult! Because it’s so cold, you have to constantly bundle up with layers, layers and more layers. However, there are ways to dress both cute and comfortable while not having to sacrifice your style. Over the years, I’ve learned to balance my winter looks between trendy and cozy. Here are some tips on how to stay warm without having to wear pajamas to class.

  1. 1. Joggers

    Joggers are basically a socially acceptable form of sweatpants. They are an effortless look that you can simply throw on in the morning without being perceived as “lazy”. With different patterns, colors, embellishments and fabrics, joggers are definitely a winter trend you should try out.

  2. 2. Pom Beanies

    Pom beanies are perfect because they are so warm. In Wisconsin, it’s impossible not to go outside without a hat and gloves so why not make your hat a statement piece. There are so many colorful options for beanies. A bold color will create a fun look in such a dreary environment. You can even get a hat with not just one pom, but two if you’re feeling extra! It’s a staple winter accessory with so many styles that your beanie can truly represent your personality.

  3. 3. Oversized Knitted Scarves

    Scarves make such a difference in the winter. It feels like you’re constantly wearing a blanket wherever you go. Oversized knitted scarves are the perfect trend to make you always feel cozy on your way to class. Walking all the way up Bascom when the ground is slush and snow is falling isn’t the ideal scenario, but at least this will make you more willing to get to that 8am on time.   

  4. 4. Trendy Winter Socks

    Winter socks are perfect since they keep your feet warm and you can see them above your boots. They are a classic for the winter and come in different materials, colors and patterns. You can also get them either ending at the calves or knees. The style is up to you and either way, you’ll be feeling cute and warm.

You don’t have to give up a sense of style in the winter. With all the additional winter accessories, there are so many new ways to unleash your inner style. You don’t have to hide under all your layers, but instead, use them to stand out! Hopefully winter won’t last too long (it probably will), but for now, definitely try to stay warm.