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4 Things that Stood Out at Seoul Fashion Week 2018

We’ve all heard about Milian, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks; but some of us don’t know about Seoul Fashion Week. Just last month, many top Korean designers, Generation Next designers and fashion influencers gathered at Seoul Fashion Week to show off their 2018 fall/winter collection. Here are four things that stood out.


1. Korean Street Style

It was cold and raining, but it didn’t stop people from showing off their style. Many of the attendees wore motorcycle jackets, trench coats, sunglasses, combat boots and bright colors. They were seriously showing off their style and putting the boldness in fashion.


2. Kids Showing off their Style

These kids didn’t come to Fashion Week to play; they showed off their styles, rocking items from Gucci, Vetements, Burberry and other big designers. They stole the show with their adorable faces, cute poses and amazing style; some of them even out-dressed people twice their age. They’re giving me inspiration in every direction.


3.The Rising of A Blasian Model

Models at Seoul Fashion Week are usually Korean or European; at this Seoul Fashion Week, however, there was a Korean-Nigerian model. Han Hyun-min, who was born and raised in South Korea, modeled at the Fashion Week for the second time. But, before that, he had walked, opened and closed shows for many top designers. Many consider him “Korea’s first black model.”


4. The Opening Show

Seoul Fashion Week opened up the trade show with hanbok designer Kim Hye-soon. Not only was she the first costume designer to open the trade show, her runway show was also the first ever hanbok show in the history of Seoul Fashion Week. Her habok was modern and eye-catching, which emphasized the the idea that hanbok is for everyone, not only for Koreans. This was a great way to allow the world to see Korean traditional clothes.


For more information on Seoul Fashion Week, check out their Instagram feed @hera_seoulfashionweek_official or their website (FYI, If you use Google Chrome, it will translate the website to English).

Cynthia Ubah grew up in Maryland. She is attending University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing International Studies with a certificate in Global Health and East Asian Studies. She hopes to work and live in South Korea for a few years. If you are looking for someone to watch Korean drama with or listen to Kpop, she is your girl. Her interests are God, cooking, hangout with friends, reading books, learning Korean, and fashion. Check out her blog at https://mylifeinthemoments.wixsite.com/mysite .
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