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4 reasons why Regent bars are better than State Street bars

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

This article is based on my own experiences. I do not work for a Regent bar nor do I have any connections to anyone who works at one. I have also not agreed to any payment for this article. I just love having a great time and a good experience for a little less money. I’d love to hear an opposing opinion… 


Regent Street bars offer better deals throughout the week. Their drinks are even cheaper on the weekend than State Street. Forget the Nitty Gritty Power Hour (they’re not on State, but close enough) when you can have dollar rails all night long every night at Buckinghams. Sconnie Bar has Sconnie Hour every day where you can have more than just beer and mixers for a buck! Pro tip: if you tag the bars on Instagram or Twitter and they share it, you may be in luck for free shots depending on the day of the week.

Sports by afternoon, dancing by night

Regent bars are the best for sports. There are flat screens galore and all the Badgers, Packers, Brewers and Bucks you can handle. When playoffs are going on, you can best believe Regent is the place to be. If you’re into the club atmosphere and good dancing music, you’re in luck here too! When it gets too late for sports games, that’s when the vibes scream dance club; you’ll find a lot of people showin’ off their moves on the floor. You can find karaoke night at Buckinghams every Saturday, and the crowd loves to dance and sing along! Grab friends to catch the Bucks game during playoffs or to go dance and hop from bar to bar along Regent!

Better food

The food is so good on Regent and for the same price as you’d find on State. Some personal favorites include the catfish sandwich at Buckinghams and taco Tuesday, and mac n cheese at Sconnie’s… need I say more? Lucky’s has a great vegetarian selection; the cauliflower hot wings are amazing and their bean burger is out of this world (I’m not even vegetarian!). 

Better atmosphere

It’s hard to find a bartender who’s not trying to up your tip or steal your debit card on State Street. If that hasn’t happened to you, then kudos. The bartenders on Regent are more personable, actually try to remember you, and really care about your bar experience. If you are looking for friendly service and not someone who is just looking for you to tip and get out, go to Regent. 

I’m not going to lie, people are at the bars to have a good time and still get just as wasted on Regent as State. However, I rarely experience blacked-out people falling over at the bar or vomiting on the sidewalks on Regent. State Street is just so gross and even scarier.

If you’re like me (not in Greek life, don’t live on Langdon, don’t have a credit card courtesy of mom and dad), sometimes you need to escape the Langdon crowd that floods State Street. I understand that may be a stereotype of Greek life or The Hub life, but it exists for a reason – just ask Madison Memes for Milk Chugging Teens. So yes, Regent Street tends to have a little less basic and a little more freedom from judgment. 

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