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4 Classic Sitcoms You Should Watch This Spring Break

So, you opted for the classic stay-cation this Spring Break; you might not be on a tropical beach, but you do have Wi-Fi and access to streaming popular TV shows. Whether you’ve seen these shows or not, here are some TV shows you should watch during spring break. Each one is a classic — it will never gets old!


1. Friends

Everyone has probably seen countless episodes of Friends. If you can’t find any new shows, why not just go with what you know? Friends is the type of show that you can never get enough of. The running gags always create full-out laughs. Even though most of us already know the plots, we still act surprised. So, while all your college friends are away at their homes or on vacation, hang out with your other “friends.” They’ll certainly be “there for you” on Netflix!


2. The Office

The show’s take on a mockumentary guarantees laughs. The show takes a dull office and makes it the complete opposite by making each character funny in their unique way. You won’t find it challenging to breeze through these seasons. Each season shows growth in character development, which makes plots even more memorable and entertaining.


3. Parks and Recreation

This is another mockumentary; but it’s another classic. This show is dangerous to binge-watch because each season gets better and better. Both the plots and subplots are equally funny, and the characters fit their roles so perfectly. You’re rooting for and laughing at these characters all at the same time. Remember, it’s spring break; you got to treat yourself with lots of TV!


4. New Girl

This show takes a quirky approach to a simple premise. Because of that, it will always leave you wanting more — it’s an easy show to spend your whole week binge watching. The plots are so simple, yet the emotions and comedy really shine through. There are so many relatable moments from the characters; sometimes you need to learn to laugh at yourself, and this show proves that.


Binge-watching TV is such a guilty pleasure. Spring break is perfect for spending the whole day watching seasons and seasons of shows unapologetically. These four shows are musts for a relaxing stay-cation; when you look back on your break in the future, you’ll feel so accomplished knowing that you basically sat around all day.

Samantha Zecca

Wisconsin '20

Samantha is currently a junior studying retail and consumer behavior with certificates in entrepreneurship and digital studies. If she's not at the library, you can find her sitting at the memorial union terrace or trying out a new restaurant in Madison. Samantha is originally from New Jersey, but her favorite place to be is NYC going on day adventures either seeing a Broadway show, shopping, or visiting museums. From the midwest to the east coast, she has a lot to share.
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