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4 Bloggers You Should Follow If You Want to Start a Blog

Forget about gorgeous Instagram photos and witty tweets; there’s another realm of the Internet captures people’s attention daily. Yes, it’s the massive, humongous blogging universe — and it has everything! There are many bloggers out there who are in and recently out of college. Most of these young women started their blogs during school; but they have continued to write and grow their small businesses post-graduation. These bloggers speak right to our generation and have wonderful tips on how to get started on making your own blog.


1. Mostly Morgan

Morgan started out as a college blogger but transitioned to become a full-time blogger. She dropped out of college, moved to New York to get an internship and started working on becoming a content marketer. Even though some of Morgan’s posts on college are a little dated, her new content is just as interesting and meaningful for college students today. She shares some of her passion for traveling, including her favorite cities and her guides for spring break. Morgan also has a wonderful, detailed and massive list of resources for bloggers. She breaks down each step in the blogging process, from initial “hosting” options all the way through the secrets of WordPress. Morgan makes everything clear and concise on how to grow your own blog.


2. Jessica Slaughter

Jessica is another young collegiate who started her blog as a hobby; it has turned it into a full-on blog with a consistent following. She has a huge list of college resources, including where to buy dorm decorations, how to ace your math classes and how to survive your first week of college. In addition to college advice, Jessica also includes some health and food posts. She’s another great resource for future college bloggers, especially those who are interested in growing their brand and engaging with their audiences. She’s a active proponent of the importance of blogging in college; she has some great articles on why she believes in blogging. Since Jessica is studying Computer Engineering at the University of Texas, she has written some great articles on coding for bloggers as well.


3. The Swirl

The Swirl is a college blog written and maintained by Hannah and Gaby, two college students at UNC – Chapel Hill. Hannah and Gaby are best friends who started their blog as a place to put their baking recipes and thoughts on college. Their blog has since expanded to include a ton of content on blogging, college tips and lifestyle topics. The two girls write separate posts as well as combined ones, which gives readers variety and novelty with each post. Some of their most helpful posts are about blogging and becoming better bloggers. They’ve written tips for photography, for creating a media kit and for using social media effectively.


4. Carly the Prepster

Carly is another great blogger for college women. She doesn’t share as much content on how to start a blog as the other women, but she provides great insights on the blogging community. She started her lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog in 2008 as a freshman at Georgetown University. Although she had started this blog to write about college life and tips, she has since her graduation transitioned to include more lifestyle content. Most recently, Carly has written articles on her personal life and daily adventures. She writes about the importance of meditation, her love of journaling and her experiences on love and loss. Every once in a while, Carly sprinkles in posts for people who are looking to start a blog, so she’s a wonderful resource for any young aspiring bloggers.


These four blogs are just a small, small sampling of the vast blogging community. The works of these young women point to the idea that, with hard work and dedication, it’s totally possible to start a blog, and college is a perfect time to do it! These women each have a unique angle on life and blogging, so you’re never going to run out of ideas. Start a blog to get your ideas out into the world or to practice your writing skills!

Katherine is a senior studying Communication Arts and Journalism.
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