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34 Pics All Badgers Have Snapchatted

Snapchat has completely changed the game these days. See something funny? Snapchat. See something gross? Snapchat. Eat something delicious? Snapchat. There is a lot of Snapchat worthy places and things around UW Madison, and here are 34 things that every fellow badger has most likely snapped a picture of.

1.      View of the Capitol on state street

2.      Walking up Bascom Hill out of breath

3.      Terrace opening

4.      Camp Randall during jump around

5.      The beauty that is Picnic point

6.      Weird people on State Street

7.      Chemistry experiments during lecture

8. KK or Chasers on a Friday, especially when the weather is nice

9. View of Lake Mendota from College Library 3rd floor

10.  Ian’s man n’ cheese pizza

11.  Frozen Lake Mendota (what a sight!)

12.  #UWpassouts

13.  Swimming pool at the Hub

14.  The temperature filter when temperatures reach negative degrees

15.  State Street after the Final Four win

16.  Any food at Basset Street Brunch Club, especially the donuts

17.  Bouncy houses at Mifflin

18.  Everyone complaining about first snowfall of the season 

19.  Puppies on state street

20.  Farmers Market craziness on a Saturday

21. The sunset from Picnic Point

22.  Cheese curds basically anywhere

23.  Madhatters performing at a sorority chapter

24.  Line at the spring roll cart, then of the spring roll

25.  The SERF overflowing

26.  Babcock Ice cream

27.  Couples cuddling on Bascom

28.  Mechanical bull at Red Rock or Whiskey Jacks 

29. Too many hours in College/Memorial/Merit/Historical library

30.  Wando’s fishbowl 

31.  The cages

32.  The creepy voice at Memorial telling you the library is closing 

33. Any holiday on campus

34. Rubbing Lincoln’s toe on the way to a midterm

If you haven’t snapchatted one of these things, are you really a badger?

I am a senior at UW Madison and third year student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After pursuing a major in Strategic Communications and a certificate in digital studies, I'm hoping to be the next Chelsea Handler or get adopted by the Kardashian clan. When I'm not roaming Madison or doing school work, you can find me being cooler than my twin sister, taking selfies without any shame, or quoting Gilmore Girls on social media. I'm a lover of all things fashion, lifestyle and puppies. I'm so excited about being a writer for Her Campus and hope you enjoy all my thoughts and my attempts at being funny with you!
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