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3 Tips to Make Class Registration Easy

As an incoming freshman, there are some things you can prepare for. You can walk around campus and find your classes before the first day, navigate the laundry room and organize your colored pens. By reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos, I thought that I had college down pat before I even arrived on campus. And boy, was I wrong. Registering for classes is something that nobody can prepare you for. It’s tough to navigate and can be really overwhelming without careful planning. Here are some easy tips that I’ve unfortunately learned the hard way, but will help you avoid the last minute stresses of picking your schedule. Good luck and happy registration!


1. Meet with your advisor early

The best way to ensure that you are registered for the right classes is to meet with your advisor. This piece of advice may seem obvious, but it really is the most efficient way of understanding exactly what you need to take and when you need to take it. However, because class registration season can get hectic, try to make an appointment early. Anticipate roughly around when your registration date would be and plan accordingly.


2. Reach out to another person in the same major

Although your advisor is a great resource to start with, I recommend meeting with someone from the same major. This could perhaps be a friend on the same track as you. Or maybe someone you know from a club or organization, or even a friend of a friend. This is a great resource as they can direct you towards specific classes they’ve taken, professors they love or even steer you away from really difficult classes. In my experience, everyone is happy to talk about classes so don’t be afraid to ask.



3. Check your DARS Report but create your own template of classes (for next couple of years too!)

Personally, running a DARS Report feels overwhelming. While it shows everything you are required to take within your major, the platform itself is icky and outdated. I highly recommend creating your own personal template of the classes you required to take while keeping track of the classes you’ve already taken. This personal documentation of your academic progression is the easiest way to ensure you are on track to graduate. I’ve created a template for myself in Google Drive and highlighted the classes I’ve completed in green, classes that are in-progress in yellow and left the rest highlighted red. There are numerous ways to go about creating your own template, but I recommend doing so to simplify class registration!


Whether this is one of your first times ever registering for classes or if you are practically a pro, these tips will serve you well. Just remember to get ahead and start your research early. There are so many people and resources to help you, just don’t be afraid to ask for help! Good luck and happy registration!

Grace Landsberg is currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is majoring in Strategic Communications within the School of Journalism and Mass Communication while also pursuing a certificate in Digital Studies. In her free time, she loves finding new music, spending time with family and friends, and hittin' the food trucks on campus!
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