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3 Reasons Why Watching Movies at Home is Superior to Watching Them in a Theater

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

The movie hits a dramatic twist, but who cares when you can’t even see the screen?

The excitement that comes with the dimming of lights, the playing of music, and the flash of the opening scene appearing on the big screen can be ruined in the blink of an eye when a person as tall as a tree sits directly in front of you at a movie theater. There’s nothing worse than waiting months to see a new movie and then having it be ruined by someone’s loud chewing of overpriced popcorn, echoing snores from the person who fell asleep next to you, and cries from a baby who was dragged to the theater. These are many inconveniences that come along with movie theaters that can be avoided by waiting a little longer for the movie to come out on streaming platforms. By waiting, you can enjoy the movie at home, in your comfy pajamas and with soft, cozy blankets. Here are three reasons to skip the theater and enjoy your next movie night from the comfort of your own home.

1. Overpriced food

Before even making it to your seat, you’re met with the first burden of movie theaters: their prices. I’ll admit, movie theater popcorn tastes great, but the steep price makes its wonderful flavors much blander. Even though the food is good, the taste doesn’t outweigh the price. Not to mention, half the time your popcorn gets kicked over by someone trying to pass by you to get to their seat in the theater, and suddenly, there goes all of the money you spent. If you’re watching a movie at home, this situation will never occur. You can pull your reasonably-priced snacks from your pantry and munch away without fear of someone punting your popcorn halfway across the aisle.

2. The discomfort

While movie theater chairs are arguably the comfiest chairs on the planet, the best chair will never beat the worst couch or bed. For me, sitting upright isn’t the ideal position if I want to reach maximum comfort. I’d much rather be laying down on a bed or a couch to watch a movie because it’s much more comfortable. Also, I find movie theaters to be extra cold, which would be fine if I had a blanket with me, but I’m not going to bring one of my cozy blankets from home into a movie theater where a million other people have sat. I would much rather be in the comfort of my own home, lounging on my sectional couch in my pajamas, buried under a plethora of large, fluffy blankets.

3. The people

This might be the introverted qualities in me shining through, but some people in movie theaters are just too much to handle. It’s so difficult to enjoy the movie when you have a chatty Cathy sitting to your left rambling for the whole two hours, someone snoring on your right so loudly that you feel like you’re on a construction site, a baby behind you kicking and screaming because they just want to go to sleep, and a person in front of you somehow blocking the entirety of the screen with their head and shoulders. With all of this combined, you’ve essentially paid money for an unenjoyable experience. Watching a movie at home means you determine who’s around. You have the ability to fill your house with people you want to be surrounded by—people who will enjoy the movie and not be a distraction.      

There are certain parts of being in movie theaters that are nice, such as watching a new movie surrounded by other excited viewers, but that’s an experience I’m more than willing to miss out on. For me, the pros of movie theaters will almost never outweigh the cons; I prefer to watch movies from the comfort of my own bed or couch, in some cozy loungewear, surrounded by people of my choosing.

Beth Shoop

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