3 Fall Baking Recipes for Every College Kitchen Situation

Fall is the best time of year to pull out those oven mitts and get baking! You can never have too many cinnamon and spice smells floating through your apartment, house or dorm, so check out these fall baking recipes for every college kitchen situation!


1. Cranberry Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies


Living in an old house with limited counter space and a not-so-reliable oven seems to be a common predicament for many college bakers. The solution: shortbread. Make these buttery, amazing cookies using one bowl and a baking sheet. The time in the oven is short and it’s easy to tell when they’re done: even your questionable oven won’t be able to mess them up!

Check out this recipe for cranberry orange chocolate chip shortbread cookies – if you’re not into these fillings or think they’re just a little too holiday for you right now, just make up your own!


2. Microwavable Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the dorms, the microwave is a baker’s BFF. Mug cakes, mac and cheese, a filet of salmon, cheesecake… there’s no limit to what a microwave can prepare. One of the best microwavable bake ideas I’ve ever come across though are these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. A lack of kitchen will no longer keep you from participating in the seasonal fall baking that you look forward to every year with this recipe!


3. Apple Cake

For the more advanced college kitchen, try making this seasonal apple cake! It’s the perfect time to head to the farmers market or an apple orchard, pick a bag of apples and get baking. You could make a typical apple pie, but why not try something a little more unique instead? Click here for this amazing apple cake recipe that will wow anyone you share it with.

When apples are in season and the leaves begin to fall, just because your kitchen is a little tricky to work in, doesn’t mean you should miss out on fall baking. With these recipes, you’ll be fall bakin’ in no time.