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3 Essential Moving and Storing Tips for the Summer

Summer is just a few weeks away; but for many us, we have to move out all our belonging before it officially starts (which isn’t as fun). Here are three tips that might be helpful for you — whether you’re moving into a new apartment, going home for the summer or just looking for somewhere to store your stuff on campus!


1. Think and plan in advance

I suggest you think about what you want to store beforehand. Making a checklist can be helpful, especially for the list-makers out there. But, you aren’t a list person, don’t worry. The list doesn’t have to be super long; it only has to be comprehensive enough so that you know what you need to be move, store and toss.


2. Get rid of unnecessary items

We all understand the urge to hold on to every single piece of clothing in our closet and all the fun decor we’ve accumulated over the year; but, that behavior isn’t helpful at all when it comes to moving from one place to another. Be mindful with how you handle your items, though; don’t just throw them away. Donate them to the local community center or thrift store, or swap them with other collegiettes who are also trying to clean up their closet.


3. Use a Moving Service

This is not an ad. I repeat, this is not an ad! Since I’m an out-of-state student, it’s not easy to transport everything I have with me back home every year. So, I personally like to use Lazybones when summertime comes around. The best part about it is that they work with your unique situation. For example, they can pick up items that you want stored directly from your dorm; and at the end of the summer, they can deliver them to the room you’ll be living in next year. This has been super convenient for me!


We hope these tips will help ease the stress of moving this summer even just a little bit. Happy moving!

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